Zelist : a Directory WordPress Plugin (for WP 2.7 +)

Nice job from french man Malaiac who just launched a nice Directory WordPress plugin for Worpress 2.7 + :codename Zelist.

I was waiting exactly this kind of plugin for a while !!  (directory wp plugins already exist but they are not very cool. I hope Malaiac will give us Zeplugin and will be able to make it happen with time) !

Zelist works only with WordPress 2.7 and higher but Hey nice, WordPress 2.7 beta 1 just released.

I will wait for next versions because I don’t like so much alpha-beta versions…

To see the tool working, go to Zelist demo (french).

Nice add-on : you can also import an existing Freeglobes directory in Zelist.

I would love a Paypal integration and automatic tool to check reciprocal links. Would be nice in the Future.

One thought on “Zelist : a Directory WordPress Plugin (for WP 2.7 +)

  1. I downloaded the zelist 0.61 from the wordpress.org. However, there is nothing in the folder. Can you help me with this problem? Have you ever run the plug in? If so, please let me know how to do it. Thanks.

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