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Google Advertising Professional Bug

UPDATE: it seems to work now but 3 weeks have gone since my certification..

As you can see I have the Google Advertising Professional certification, see the logo on the right.

But a real problem is that the link
( that leads to my page does not work at all, it asks to log into Adwords.

How many readers or potential customers lost?

Google just answered me that for some professionals there is a bug.

Is Google going to give me a compensation for potential loss?

Actually a french company already ask me if I were really certified as they are unable to display the page.. 🙁

Web 2.0 by Andy Budd

Web 2.0

From Andy Budd of Clearleft.

Andy is a professionnal web designer. This british web specialist enjoys speaking at conferences.

Especially about CSS, Web standards, user centered design, information architecture.

See diaporama

Click on arrows in right bottom corner to start.


Internet 1.0 vs Web 2.0

Click to enlarge.

King is USER

Time gives its top50 coolest websites for 2006

After the most 100 usefuls sites by Guardian (UK), it’s now Time that gives its 50 coolest websites list for 2006

With a big dose once again of Web 2.0 websites.

Google to acquire CMFU Chinese Literature Website

There are rumors that Google would buy the Chinese Literature website for a total amount about 400-600 millions $.

This is the price recommended by an independant firm. Google didn’t comment about this. is a chinese literature website that contains fantastic fiction, martial arts adventures, urban novels with romance, etc.. is owned by online gaming website services

Wikio 2.0 is Live

I just received an email saying Wikio 2.0 is live

That’s all the email said, no details. Wikio is like Google News but much more powerful agregating thousands of news and blogs. His french creator, Pierre Chappaz is well-known in the internet industry, for having sold Kelkoo to Yahoo a few years ago.

Wikio is a News site like Google News but indexing many more RSS feeds with both news and blogs.
It currently exists in 5 languages: english, french, german, italian, spanish

For now no more explanations on Pierre Chappaz ‘s Blog or Wikio’s Blog but it shouldn’t be long.

To the Moon for french anime "Les Têtes à Claques"

Michel Beaudet, the french canadian author of “les têtes à claques” is flying to the moon: after a few months his website featuring anime characters using his eyes and his mouth receive 2.5 million unique visitors per month. That’s what we can read on Dominic Arpin’s Blog (french journalist for TVA).

According to Dominic, the Têtes à Claques will be soon downloadable on mobile phones, an english version is coming soon, a DVD for next Autumn, Michel is moving his studios from his basement and is hiring people… A big web success in a few months, everything is possible! 🙂

Current clip is featuring Santa Claus.. I was just starting to watch it when..? I saw a 30-second TV Ad from Bell Canada, you know the same ads that just appear before the Evening News at 10:00 pm on Quebec tv channels!

I would believe it’s paying more than Google Adsense Ads, and you?

New Digg is Live!

At the time I write these few lines, I can only see this black screen ; when you will see this page New Digg will probably be live!

Ok here it is, I can see mainly esthetic changes:

Explanations from Kevin Rose here in Video on the New Digg’s Blog

Google Patents

Google just released a new search Engine: Google Patents

The search is done among 7 millions of US patents (only) since 1790.

Data come from United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Google treats their employees like kids?

Sociologist Aaron Swartz wrote an interesting article about the fact Google keeps employees by treating them like kids.

“Give them free food, do their laundry, let them sit on bouncy brightly-colored balls. Do everything so that they never have to grow up and learn how to live life on their own.”

“It’s as if this place is being decorated by seven-year-olds,”

“But as much as they may want to leave Google, the infantilizing tactics have worked: they’re afraid they wouldn’t be able to survive anywhere else.”

more: The Goog Life: how Google keeps employees by treating them like kids

Create your own Youtube

It’s done, Youtube’s Streams gives you opportunity to create your own space on TestTube in a MySpace’s- like way.

Next Step: weblogs?

42 Uses for RSS/Atom Feeds

I just found this article on Inelegant’s Blog via french blog Vedocci.

This is particularly useful for those who still asking what to do with RSS Feeds. It’s actually particularly destined to make some website or business watch/tracking (is this the translation for “Veille” french word??)

I mostly translated this article on my french part of this blog as I think it’s very helpful for people to know.

Google CSE available in 25 languages!

We asked for it, Google made it !

Google Custom Search (CSE or Co-op) is now available in 25 languages since tuesday.

It didn’t take much time for Google to answer to our requests in the Newsgroups.

Reminder: Google CSE allows the creation of a personalized search engine with all the websites you want to search on. It is mainly destinated to webmasters or even everybody who has no website and wants his own search engine on a specific topic.

Please go to your control Panel in CSE and in “Basics” for “Search engine language” choose the language you want.

The language you choose will set the language for the text on the search results page and give preference to results in that language. You can also choose ‘All Languages’ in which case the language associated with the user’s browser will be used. If you want to give preference to search results from a particular domain, you can do so as pattern later on. If, for instance, you wanted your search results to only be from Japan, you would include *.jp as a pattern. (Please note the * is essential.) You can also choose to give preference to results from a certain country by changing your code to use the country specific google domain (e.g., such as or as opposed to

See the official article on Google CSE’s Blog.

I’ve created some CSE in french but didn’t have time to make them in english, sorry for that. Anyway you can still see the examples below for french ; they are also available on the french homepage of Surfons:

(xx) where xx represents the number of websites searched.

Absolutely Hilarious Computer Quotes by the TechGeek

When I just found this page I couldn’t stop laughing! 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s all true..

Here are some quotes:

“640K ought to be enough for anybody.” – This is not humorous by itself; but in the context it’s a classic by Bill Gates in 1981

“SUPERCOMPUTER: what it sounded like before you bought it.”

“I’m not anti-social; I’m just not user friendly”

“I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code”

“The box said ‘Required Windows 95 or better’. So, I installed LINUX.”

See all of them here on the TechGeek

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