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Web Site Story Video


Funny video by CollegeHumor Staff : Web Site Story.

A remake of Broadway musical West Side Story with Web 2.0 included 🙂

I’m on Twitter, I’m on Facebook…


Yahoo to Join Google in OpenSocial

Open Social

Yahoo announced Tuesday that it will join Open Social, along with Google.

OpenSocial already has several big names in its social network, such as MySpace, Linkedin, Orkut, Ning, Friendster…and now Yahoo.

OpenSocial aims to enable developers to create applications (APIs) compatible with all social platforms that have joined Google’s alliance.

OpenSocial now has a total of more than 600 million users, facing competition with Facebook, which has 60 million members.


Yahoo Buzz The Yahoo Digg

Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo is going to launch Yahoo Buzz, a competitor to Digg.

It should replace the actual Yahoo Buzz – The Buzz Log :

Project Manager is Tapan Bhat. Yahoo Buzz will be first open to 100 publishers and will rank the news according to the most popular search results and the number of votes.

This Summer YahooBuzz will be open to every member of the Yahoo Publisher Network, that means all webmasters that display Yahoo Ads on their Website. Very Bright from Yahoo to recruit publishers and to increase the overall Yahoo online Ad Revenue!

Here are some screenshots of Yahoo Buzz:

Yahoo Buzz Beta

Buzz Yahoo Buzz

Ginger Netvibes opens in beta

Out Netvibes, here comes Ginger.

Ginger is the new Netvibes with a social platform, 110 000 widgets, a network of contacts, an internal mail and the ability to create your own universes…

Netvibes gave beta test invitation codes everywhere on the web but this was very limited (100 invitations to the fastest people on Netvibes Blog, 500 on Techcrunch, 50 on Mashable,…) I did’nt have the chance to get one, so I won’t tell much more about Ginger.

Ginger Netvibes

Netvibes got his big buzz today when we see all bloggers talking about Ginger, especially in France.

Hey watch I’m talking about it even without invit! My god!

What Mashable says about it:

“One feature that looks to really make Netvibes more social is the 2GB of free storage space you’ll get as a registered user, giving you a type of storage system for sharing documents via your start page. […] you’ll also be able to save blog posts, images and video for yourself. These items can be shared with friends, and will also appear in your personal timeline.”

Reddit Algorithm Explained

Here is the secret revealed: Why and How Reddit works or how a post makes the frontpage.

This secret was initially revealed on a Digg’s story but I suspect the image below to be actually the explanation of Digg Algorithm.

Warning: this is humor, via Digg Reddit.


Wikia Open Source search engine to launch Jan 7, 2008


It was first known one year ago under code name Wikiasari, Human Search engine by founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, Search Wikia will open January 7, 2008, so in 10 days!

Wikia is an open source Internet search engine, to which the community can contribute to content, relevance and rankings of the search engines result pages.

Just not like Google, Yahoo or Msn that are automatic search engines, Wikia is a Human Search Engine.

It was founded in 2004 and received investment money from Amazon and Bessemer Venture Partners.

Search battle is going to be exciting for all of us in 2008, thanks to the war between Wikia-Wikipedia and Google-Google Knol.

SEO and SEM is already ready as you can see here.

CommandShift3 : vote for hot websites


CommandShift3 is a hot or not for websites. Instead of voting for hot girls and boys, you vote for the design of hottest websites.

You can browse websites by tag or by winner/looser.

Then you can browse winners by day / week / month / All time.

And if you are ready, watch the worst ever websites.


Google Knol against Wikipedia

Google is going to launch a similar service to Wikipedia in the next months : Google Knol (from the word “Knowledge“). The service is currently in very private beta.

People who are experts in their domain will be invited to write an authoritative article about it on Knol.

Like Wikipedia, Knol will be totally free and contributors will be able to make money from their articles with sharing ad revenues with Google. For example, see the screenshot below where you can see the Adsense Block:

Google Knol

(Click to enlarge)

Knol will be a online encyclopedia and will cover all subjects, from scientific topics to entertainment.

Contrary to Wikipedia that is a collaborative encyclopedia, Knol authors won’t be able to contribute anonymously neither edit the articles from other contributors.

So we are going to see (for the best) in the next year a war between Google Knol and Wikipedia, and between Google Search Engine and Search Wikia (open source Internet search engine, to which the community can contribute, by Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia).

Knol is not even public that Small Business SEM wrote an interesting article on 7 ways how to use Knol.

Blog Competition a new digg-like with Prizes

Blog Competition

Blog Competition is a new Digg-like competition with prizes for the top posts (up to $2500, monthly prizes and a weekly featured article).

The site is run by “Chris” author of Blogsrecord, GotToRead and MattNutt

Add a Vote Button in your blog, you can find them here on the BlogCompetition Blog.

A WordPress Contest Plugin is also available for download.

Prizes are on offer on a regular basis including:

* $25 for the top post within the month.

* $2500 for the top post of the year

* Weekly featured post on the front page

* T-Shirt Every 4 Months for the top post in each category

* Banner Ad 125×125 for the bottom post weekly

* Top Post of each category gets a 468×60 or 125×125 banner ad on each of my other sites (per month, ads are rotated)

* Plus regular sponsored prizes, best of all you don’t have to pay a thing.

The Web 2.0 Bubble Song by The Richter Scales

A Wonderful song about the Web 2.0 Bubble by The Richter Scales.

Based on “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel.

I Love the music and the Lyrics.

There’s absolutely no bubble in Technology” 🙂

Here Comes Another Bubble – The Richter Scales : (Lyrics below)

Created by Matt Hempey
Performed by the Richter Scales

Based on “We didn’t Start the Fire”
by Billy Joel

“There’s absolutely no bubble in technology”
Peter thiel october 31, 2007
investor, Facebook

got me a CS degree
honor roll, MIT

moved to Palo Alto
opportunity Knocked

thought i had the perfeect plan
took a job at webvan

traded in my twenties
for a worthless pile of tech stock

Suffered throught the market crash
lost a giant wad of cash

Pink slips, burger flips
would you like some fries

happy days are here again
lary page, sergey brin

time to write a business plan
so i can be like those guys!

here comes another bubble

it’s a monster rally
all around the valley

first you need a buzzword
then a second and a third

pick at least two industries
you’ll revolutionize
(newpappers + friendship bracelets)

find yourself an engineer
feed him pizza, buy him beer
(product placement : Samel Adams)

Give him just a fraction
of a fraction of the pie

need a good domain name
must be cheap, can’t be lame

something cool like
flickr, meebo, wikiyou, mahalo, bebo

“telephone” without the “t”
“digg” but with a triple “g”

make your elevator pith
(“We’re going to change the world!”)
code it up and flip the switch
(internal server error)

here comes another bubble
(VC #1: friendship bracelets and news is a game changer.)
the VCs are backing
(VC #2: The next wave of the web will be friendship bracelets.)
baby let’s get cracking

blog, blog, blog it all
blog it if it’s big or small

blog at the cineplex
blog while you’re having sex

blog in the locker room
babies blogging in the womb

blog even if you’re wrong
won’t you blog about this song?
(Yet Another Stupid Web 2.0 Video)

launch party, nicely dressed
what the point? sausage fest

blue shirt, khaki pants,
looking like a line of ants

need to get a facebook page
all these guys are half my age

twenty nice, past my prime
i feel so behind the times

here comes another bubble
(Matt is broke)
in a year we swear
we’ll all be billionaires

make yourself a million bucks
partly skill, mostly luck

now you can afford a down payment
on a small house

if you want a bigger one
hillsborough, atherton

better hoipe the same thing
happened to your spouse

IPO… luky you
have your cake and eat it too

Party yacht, party jet
why not buy a matching set?

build yourself a rocket ship
blast off on an ego trip

can this really be the end?
back to work you go again

here comes another bubble
(im in ur serverz making thingz better!!, Twitter has problems!!)
and when we are gone
(You looked better on Myspace)
this will still go on

and on and on and on and on…

Facebook hires Ben Meyer from Techcrunch


After stealing Googlers at an alarming rate, Facebook now just hired Ben Meyer, the product manager for Crunchbase at Techcrunch.

Facebook has now 10 new High Profiles and is hiring 2-4 each month according to Michael Arrington.

Arrington is a little upset against Facebook .

The number of employees should increase to 300 this year to 700 next year.

And according to ex-googler Justin Rosenstein, Facebook is the place to be.

Social Websites Rankings for October 2007

Comscore just released the Rankings for Social Sites for the month of October.

Best % change : Imeem, AIM Pages, Digg, Flickr, Facebook. (that’s Web 2.0)

Biggest % drop :  Xanga, MSN Groups, Aol, Lycos Tripod (that’s web 1.0)

Comscore Rankings Social Sites

Digg users could move to Mixx

Social News Site could be the Digg-killer.

Mixx Beta launched on September 20 and is founded by Chris McGill, General Manager of Yahoo News and VP Strategy at USA Today.

Mixx is a mix of Digg, LinkedIn and MyYahoo.

According to Techcrunch, a lot of people are leaving digg for Mixx. And especially ex top-diggers like Greg Davies.

Even a digg forum refugees has opened on Mixx message boards.

But why is Mixx so different from Digg ?

A lot of users are discussing about conspiracy and buried stories on Digg.

On Mixx, many users have already had a very good experience with their submissions voted on and see more positive audience and comments. Mixx users are free and seem to have good education.

I am going to test this new website right now! I will see if what everybody is talking about is true. I can just say my experience on Digg is not very conclusive because if you have not a lot of friend among top diggers your story will never go on the homepage.

Other Good Digg-like I use and that are better than Digg: Reddit, Shoutwire, Sphinn and Propeller.

Today I met Kyle Macdonald

Today I just met Kyle Macdonald, The Red Paperclip man from Montreal.

He gave me the book I won on ebay for 142.50$.

Kyle Macdonald and vincent abry

The 2006 Youtube Video Awards Winners are..

YouTube Video Awards 2006

Youtube just released the winners for its contest “YouTube Video Awards”.

The winners will receive a trophee from Youtube, a better exposition on the website, and may be the ability to be discovered from big players in the industry. Winners are selected by vote from the visitors.

Among the winners: Ask a Ninja “best Series Video”, Kiwi! most “adorable video”, famous “Free Hugs Campaign” most “Inspirational video”, “Here It Goes Again” from Ok Go “most creative video”,..

Among the “losers” -or rather those famous who don’t win the first place: the teen Lonelygirl15 4th in “Series” (not my favorite), the cool Papy Geriatric1927 2nd place in category “best commentary”, “Where the Hell is Matt?” 2nd in “most creative video”.

Here are the best videos:

OK Go – Here It Goes Again, winner in “most creative video“: wonderful! 😉

Where the Hell is Matt? by Matt Harding, 2nd in the same category. Very nice it’s my favorite 🙂

Smosh Short 2: Stranded, winner in “best comedy“.

Say It’s Possible, TerraNaomi winner in “best music“.

Free Hugs Campaign winner in “most inspirational video“. Music by Sick Puppies. A good idea for Peace in the World, I give him the Nobel Price.

Kiwi! winner in “most adorable video“.

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