Naked Vlogs : Video Blog Nude

The genre of Naked Vlogs has just been launched in the United States.

The concept is simple: You vlog, or video blog (podcast) in the nude….

Luckily (or unfortunately, in some cases) we don’t see the entire body… we just see the top half of the person.

It’s an amusing idea. Will this soon be launched in the French blogosphere?

Go have a look; it is for a good cause, and your stats will go through the roof.

The initiator of the Naked Blog Campaign, Chris3ff:

And the best of Naked Vlogs:

One thought on “Naked Vlogs : Video Blog Nude

  1. That is hilarious! We do many things naked, why not vlog naked? Grabs attention even just showing the shoulder up. Whoever thought of this has enough simple creativity.

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