TradeDoubler Announces its System of Contextual Advertising, AdMatch

AdMatch TradeDoubler

A newcomer to the sponsored links, TradeDoubler, an European leader in affiliate marketing, will embark on contextual advertising on March 31 with AdMatch.

Knowing the seriousness of the TradeDoubler platform and its advertisers, I look forward to seeing what AdMatch looks like.

The sponsored links will be available in three formats: text, xml feed and product display.

In its press release, the company says

“AdMatch operates as follows: the solution scans the contents of web pages and facilitates the placement of advertisements along the site’s content as relevant and contextual. Thus, AdMatch helps improve the relevance of ads on your site, optimizing conversion rates and ultimately increasing your commissions.”

For the moment, there is no site for, .eu, or .fr online. I think TradeDoubler will be an integral part of Admatch in and among the members’ section.