Top Rankings and Blog Rank by Twingly

Twingly Blog Rank

European blog search engine Twingly just released its own Blog Rankings in 12 languages: Top 100 Blogs.

Twingly wants to be the first spam free blog search engine. No Spam blogs they said.

And they invented the Blog Rank, similar to the Google Page Rank but for blogs.

My French blog is ranked 85 in top blogs french rankings with a BR 7.

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One thought on “Top Rankings and Blog Rank by Twingly

  1. i use the service ://URLFAN which to me is more transparent in regards to “ranking websites”. Their top 100 is pretty well respected in the web 2.0 world:

    urlfan ranks sites according to their popularity in the blogosphere and shows all their data. It’s a little more clear than both technorati and twingly when it comes to ranking websites, since thats what they focus on.

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