To the Moon for french anime "Les Têtes à Claques"

Michel Beaudet, the french canadian author of “les têtes à claques” is flying to the moon: after a few months his website featuring anime characters using his eyes and his mouth receive 2.5 million unique visitors per month. That’s what we can read on Dominic Arpin’s Blog (french journalist for TVA).

According to Dominic, the Têtes à Claques will be soon downloadable on mobile phones, an english version is coming soon, a DVD for next Autumn, Michel is moving his studios from his basement and is hiring people… A big web success in a few months, everything is possible! 🙂

Current clip is featuring Santa Claus.. I was just starting to watch it when..? I saw a 30-second TV Ad from Bell Canada, you know the same ads that just appear before the Evening News at 10:00 pm on Quebec tv channels!

I would believe it’s paying more than Google Adsense Ads, and you?