The Story of Yahoo! Soon to be a Movie?

Yahoo Spec

This scenario could certainly be adapted to the screen in the coming years. There’s just so much to say about the history of this company, which is one of the Web’s oldest sites.

After the takeover of Google, which failed in its infancy, Yahoo is back stronger than ever — in the media, at least.

I hope, at least for them, that they will make the right decision.

First came the offer to purchase Microsoft two months ago.

Then, a few days ago, Microsoft issued an ultimatum: the initial offer of a partnership could turn into a hostile takeover.

Yahoo did not appreciate that, and with today’s news, the dice are being thrown again.

So now, News Corp (which owns MySpace) and Microsoft are in the process of joining together to acquire the portal.

Also, Yahoo announced that it will begin to integrate Google-sponsored links in its test search results.

Yahoo is a mature brand and is in the lead. The goal, of course, is to raise the stakes and create action on the stock exchange.

But it doesn’t stop there. A partnership with AOL is also being considered: Yahoo could, in exchange for 20% of its capital, acquire Time Warner’s AOL.

However, all of this is in the midst of speculation, and it’s a bit of a war.

Hopefully, the final choice will be interesting and satisfying to the end-user.