The Head- and Foot-Controlled Ergonomic Mouse


If you suffer from cramped hands or carpal tunnel syndrome due to regular, repeated use of your computer keyboard, there are now some ergonomic mouses on the market. The only problem is that even if these models do alleviate hand or wrist pain, it’s still not the optimal solution for some.

So, here is the ultimate solution: a hands-free mouse.

First, the mouse is guided by your head and eye motions. The principle is simple: you place a small receiver-style webcam over your screen. Then, you put an optical sensor on your forehead, between your eyes, even while wearing a baseball cap or glasses, etc.

Each movement of your head then moves the mouse cursor on the screen. Also, moving your head just 6 mm will cover the entire screen.

The prices are higher for these models than for the ergonomic hand mouse ($70-$100). Instead, we are talking about a range from $400 to $1,000.

There are at least two models on the market: the Smartnav 4: Eg Natural Point, which costs $399, and the Extreme Head Mouse, which costs $995.

Smartnav 4 mouse

You can still click and double-click at the keyboard with your hands, and you can go even further with a double-click system by using a foot pedal for mouse-clicking on the screen, and disabled users can manipulate the clicks by navigating a straw in their mouth.

Second, there is a foot-controlled mouse. The right shoe is the “mouse” for the right foot. To the left is the “key,” which you click with your left foot.

Again, no use of the hands is needed for total control of the mouse.

The price for this model is $199 at Bili Inc.

mouse feet


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