Is the Kindle DX the future of Newspaper?


Amazon has laid a second Kindle giant this time: the
Kindle DX.

This device is basically a journal / e-book. To view content you must first download it.

The specificity of DX is its size: a
screen of 9.7 inches.
You can watch the screen in the direction vertcal or horizontal, the image adjusts automatically.

It costs 100 dollars more than the
Kindle 2
(standard format).

Is the future of paper journals (in full agony) will increase by this gadget? Quite possible but I think at first that it will interest primarily those who already love to read books or newspapers classic.

Because take a passionate surfer, a geek or a blogger: these three there are already spending much time in front of a computer screen. Why buy if the Kindle is about getting out of a screen to be back in another.

I see its usefulness especially for the holidays, then it can be nice. And if in addition there was a function to the Google Reader to save favorite articles, there would be the dream, I could do at night in my bed
 ';-) '

Buy the Amazon Kindle
(when available).