The David Seah Compact Calendar to print

David Seah Compact Calendar

This is a useful tool to manage your time (at home) or your projects (at work): the Compact Calendar by David Seah.

David Seah is a specialist of Productivity and methods of empowering ourselves.

The main advantage of the compact calendar is its size : it fits on a single A4 page and you can print it at home… or at work.

Compact calendar has several advantages compared to the famous Gantt Chart :

  • retains the monthly calendar format, with days of the week in columns
  • Saturdays and Sundays are shaded differently, so we are not as tempted to plan our work schedule on them
  • You’re forced to break up project tasks to fit into each 5-day work period. Gantt charts, by comparison, tend to draw long lines through the weekend because that’s what lines want to do.
  • retain the days of the week in the same column, so it’s easy to mark recurring events that are tied to them

I am working with Gantt Chart since beginning of October and I must say I love David Seah’s Calendar, I should try to introduce it tomorrow at my job 🙂

Official page of the David Seah compact calendar

Direct Download the 2008 Compact Calendar