The 2006 Youtube Video Awards Winners are..

YouTube Video Awards 2006

Youtube just released the winners for its contest “YouTube Video Awards”.

The winners will receive a trophee from Youtube, a better exposition on the website, and may be the ability to be discovered from big players in the industry. Winners are selected by vote from the visitors.

Among the winners: Ask a Ninja “best Series Video”, Kiwi! most “adorable video”, famous “Free Hugs Campaign” most “Inspirational video”, “Here It Goes Again” from Ok Go “most creative video”,..

Among the “losers” -or rather those famous who don’t win the first place: the teen Lonelygirl15 4th in “Series” (not my favorite), the cool Papy Geriatric1927 2nd place in category “best commentary”, “Where the Hell is Matt?” 2nd in “most creative video”.

Here are the best videos:

OK Go – Here It Goes Again, winner in “most creative video“: wonderful! 😉

Where the Hell is Matt? by Matt Harding, 2nd in the same category. Very nice it’s my favorite 🙂

Smosh Short 2: Stranded, winner in “best comedy“.

Say It’s Possible, TerraNaomi winner in “best music“.

Free Hugs Campaign winner in “most inspirational video“. Music by Sick Puppies. A good idea for Peace in the World, I give him the Nobel Price.

Kiwi! winner in “most adorable video“.