TechCzar Made Me An Offer


TechCzar made me an offer for my french blog, but I am not very excited about it. currently received 350,000 unique visitors for March 2008.

(note: this blog is now adapted in english from by Catherine)

TechCzar, a company I had never heard of, approached me two weeks ago to offer me a partnership with their firm and to become part of their network of blogs.

The offer would have resulted in a monthly cash income plus a free translation blog, available in nine languages.

The idea did seem attractive because there is a big name behind three blogs that are currently part of the network there: Jeremy Zawodny, the MySQL Guru at Yahoo. Its Blog is a top blog ranked among the top100 Cnet tech blogs.

Becoming part of TechCzar would also broaden the audience here, but I hesitated due to several things: first, each site does not take responsibility for its own translation — instead, they appear on TechCzar (Jeremy’s example is in French).

In addition, the header isn’t really impressive…and also, I wondered, what’s about SEO with a header ?

Finally, I considered the impact that such a partnership would have on the readership of this blog. Not sure.

Well even if the team at TechCzar appears to be truly serious and professional, for the moment I do not want to take the risk. I would prefer a partnership with a less intrusive and more fluid logo/header.

What do you think?

Note: Despite the Russian inscription on the logo, the company is based in California.