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Boeing 787 Dreamliner



Boeing 787 Dreamliner is 5 years late on the calendar but now he is ready !!

Starting to flight December 15 2009, this plane is lighter and requires less fuel.

Seabreacher Dolphin Boat


Go on and under water with the Seabreacher Dolphin Boat.

Speed: 35-40 mph on the surface, and up to 20mph under water.

Dive about 5 feet for brief durations but generally they go just a few feet below the surface in order to keep the snorkel above the water.

Price: between 48,000 and 68,000 dollars.

Buy one on their Website:

Is the Kindle DX the future of Newspaper?


Amazon has laid a second Kindle giant this time: the
Kindle DX.

This device is basically a journal / e-book. To view content you must first download it.

The specificity of DX is its size: a
screen of 9.7 inches.
You can watch the screen in the direction vertcal or horizontal, the image adjusts automatically.

It costs 100 dollars more than the
Kindle 2
(standard format).

Is the future of paper journals (in full agony) will increase by this gadget? Quite possible but I think at first that it will interest primarily those who already love to read books or newspapers classic.

Because take a passionate surfer, a geek or a blogger: these three there are already spending much time in front of a computer screen. Why buy if the Kindle is about getting out of a screen to be back in another.

I see its usefulness especially for the holidays, then it can be nice. And if in addition there was a function to the Google Reader to save favorite articles, there would be the dream, I could do at night in my bed
 ';-) '

Buy the Amazon Kindle
(when available).

Buy Kindle 2 on


Amazon just released its new Baby Kindle, The Kindle 2.

Better navigation on screen (more accurate) than in first Kindle.

This gadget allows you to download Books, Newspapers and Magazines and read them wherever you are.

Kindle 2 is already available in pre-order on for 359 dollars (still not available on and

Specs: 1/3 of an inch, as thin as a magazine, 10.2 ounces, lighter than a typical paperback, 3G wireless, 25% longer battery life, holds over 1,500 books among 230,000 books plus U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, and blogs available.

Enjoy !

Jessica Yellin 3D Hologram on CNN

Incredible ! Jessica Yellin, CNN correspondent appears in hologram on New York Studio but she is actually in Chicago Grant Park in a hi-tech studio surrounded by 40 HD video cameras.

A 3D image as in Star Strek!

See the video:

Rinspeed sQuba: James Bond’s Car

Rinspeed sQuba is the perfect James Bond’s Car. And she is ecologic.

Genius Frank Rinderknecht just created a superb electric Roadster that is the first world submersible car.

Squba has 3.79 m long, 1.94 m width and 1.12 m tall, it weights 920 kg and looks like the Lotus Elise. It goes from 0 to à 80 km/h in 7.1 seconds and max speed is 120 km/h.

sQuba uses lithium-ion batteries.

sQuba can go underwater with two back propellers and two lateral Seabob jet drives, responsible for keeping the car stable. It can goes under a maximum depth of 10 m and speed is 6 km/h above the water and 3 km/h under.

Passengers use oxygen cylinders. “If the car was a hardtop, all the cabin would have to be really strong to cope with the water pressure. This would add lots of extra weight to the car and it would move very slowly out of the water as well”.

Official website:

Here is the Rinspeed sQuba video and some pictures:

Rinspeed sQuba 1

Rinspeed sQuba 2

sQuba 3

Rinspeed 4

Rinspeed sQuba 5

Rinspeed sQuba 6

Rinspeed sQuba 7

Rinspeed sQuba 8

Rinspeed sQuba 9

Rinspeed sQuba 10

Rinspeed sQuba 11

ZR1 Corvette 2009 : exclusive video on track + photos

ZR1 Corvette 2009 is the most powerful Corvette from General Motors: a V8 620 HP.

Here is a video racing on track and beautiful pictures:

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

Toyota unveils two New Robots

Toyota violin robot

Toyota just unveiled 2 new domestic robots, one playing violin with 17 computer-controlled joints in its arms and fingers and the other carrying people.

Toyota has one goal : having robots being capable to help people in domestic duties, nursing, healthcare and short-distance personal transport by 2010.

Toyota also presented a two-wheeled intelligent mobility robot that can be used for elderly or disabled people over uneven ground and around obstacles “without disturbing the person sitting on the chair because of the wheels’ ability to adjust at the changes“.

Toyota Intelligent Robot

Watch these 2 robots on video :

Future Scanner : Digg for Future

Future Scanner

Future Scanner is a new Digg-Like on Future.

Community members add stories about the best future-focused content (predictions by experts, discoveries that will impact future events, product prototypes, industry forecasts, useful resources, etc.) and sorts it by future Year and Category.

The design of Future Scanner is pretty ugly but stories are interesting.

Among Hottest Scans we can find The Future of e-Books and Flying Cars Ready To Take Off.

Future Scanner is part of the MemeBox Network (Jeff hifford is the CEO.)
Nice niche-content digg-like for all of you who like technology, innovation and future of humankind.

Life 2.0

Here is a short film about what could be your Life 2.0 : a brain that would integrate more than 1000 new functions such as Weather, Calendar, Clock, GPS, Life Chat, phone, a video camera, etc…

Directed by french Trotar and Sabotage Studio

(Warning to : Epileptic persons if you click on “Philosophie” on Trotar).

FCC Spectrum Auction : Google will bid

FCC Logo

Google just announced today that they will bid in the Wireless FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Spectrum Auction in January.

Winning the wireless spectrum auction in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band would allow Google to provide mobile phone and Internet services. The reserve price for the C Block at the auction is $4.6 billion.

According to Official Google Blog the winner of the Spectrum Auction will be: CONSUMER.

The winner will have to allow their users to download any software app they want on their mobile device and to use any mobile devices they would like on that wireless network.

“We believe it’s important to put our money where our principles are” said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.

What we don’t know is what Google intends to do exactly with this Spectrum..

Om Malik points out a interesting comment : “So Google Will Bid For Spectrum. Will It Play To Win?

Yves Rossy the Flying Man

This is pretty old (some months ago) but I love it : Yves Rossy aka “Fusionman” from Switzerland is the first Flying Man.

Jet-Man is able to fly following Icare’s dream, with true wings and a jet-pack.

Wonderful music on amazing images:

Ron Jeremy is now a Tech Reviewer !!

Big News! Huge!!

Tech reviewers can be afraid of a new player in the tech & gadgets industry: Ron Jeremy.

Ron, 54, will make tech reviews on in “Techsmart with Ron Jeremy“.

Big surprise when you know Ron’s Resume.

And for those who don’t know Ron, please do your own DD.. 😉 ok I give you a clue..