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Old Man going crazy In Car Wash

Watch this old guy in his car. Hopefully nobody is in front of or behind the car.

The police report states that he flipped out because he lost his glasses.

“Pretty intense to do something like that, especially when there is other cars using the car wash”

Play Tennis at 300 meters high in Dubai

No1 World Tennis Player Roger Federer practiced with Andre Agassi for the 2007 Dubai Tennis Championship. This could be common if it won’t be at 300 meters high on a plateform of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai!
And when you watch these photos, I cannot see real protection there and I just feel dizzy..

Click images below to see full size:

And here are some photos of the Burj Al Arab Hostel in Dubai, the only hostel in the world to have an unofficially 7 stars rating: