SEOMoz: 4 DVD Advanced SEO Training Series

advanced seo series

If you are interested in Search Engine Optimization and if you live in North America, then you will love this post.

SEOMoz is launching its Advanced SEO Training Series a 4 DVD collection on advanced SEO technics in Google and search engines.

This product is for webmarketing agencies, SEO professionnals or sole entrepreneurs who need serious SEO training.

4 dvd last 12 hours and many seo experts are involved in the video.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Dvd 1:
• Think Like a Search Engineer
• Elite Search Architecture
• White Hat Cloaking
• Spam Detection
• Legal Issues

Dvd 2:
• Site Reviews
• Global Search
• Sitemaps & Webmaster Tools
• Crawlability

Dvd 3:
• Reputation Management
• Social Networks
• Buying Links
• Enterprise Link Building

Dvd 4:
• Vertical Search
• The Future of Search
• Expert Q&A

I would love to buy it but well 400 dollars before March 6 is expansive and 500 dollars after is worse!
But I think this is a must for anybody who need to learn the best technics.