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Want to work in Ask Palace Office in Pisa ?

The Ask Office in Pisa, Italy is not a joke.

Employees (that come from Italy, France, Lithuania and Hungary) are working in a 14th century Tuscan palace in Pisa.

Director of Pisa Office Antonio Gulli explains the choice of Pisa:

“Pisa has one of the most prestigious Engineering and Computer Science Universities in Europe. Therefore, Ask has access to much talent for both our local and remote offices. In addition, Pisa is located in Tuscany, a region loved by many people for the food, the wine, and the quality of life. Pisa is connected with New York JFK by a 7-hour direct flight and the airport is 20 minutes walking distance from the office.”

Pisa’s Office is former Palace Gambacorti, on Corso Italia. It was built in the 14th century and was the home of the Gambacortis, Pisa’s most powerful family. Henry VII stayed in the palace, as did Charles IV of Luxembourg.

“The new office is GORGEOUS even for Italian standards”

Check these photos, I guess you will like to apply for a job:

ask pisa tuscany

ask pisa office

ask pisa italia

Ask Italy Office

Google Zeitgeist 2007

Google Zeitgeist 2007

Google put online its Zeitgeist 2007 for USA and Global.

Zeitgeist 2007 shows the most searched terms in Google Index during the year.

Zeitgeist 2007

Fastest Rising (Global)

  1. iphone
  2. facebook
  3. dailymotion
  4. webkinz
  5. youtube
  6. ebuddy
  7. second life
  8. hi5
  9. club penguin

Fastest Rising (U.S.)

  1. iphone
  2. webkinz
  3. tmz
  4. transformers
  5. youtube
  6. club penguin
  7. myspace
  8. heroes
  9. facebook
  10. anna nicole smith

Fastest Falling (global)

  1. world cup*
  2. mozart
  3. fifa
  4. rebelde*
  5. kazaa
  6. xanga
  7. webdetente
  8. sudoku
  9. shakira
  10. mp3

(*) featured in 2006 fastest-rising list

Wikia Open Source search engine to launch Jan 7, 2008


It was first known one year ago under code name Wikiasari, Human Search engine by founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, Search Wikia will open January 7, 2008, so in 10 days!

Wikia is an open source Internet search engine, to which the community can contribute to content, relevance and rankings of the search engines result pages.

Just not like Google, Yahoo or Msn that are automatic search engines, Wikia is a Human Search Engine.

It was founded in 2004 and received investment money from Amazon and Bessemer Venture Partners.

Search battle is going to be exciting for all of us in 2008, thanks to the war between Wikia-Wikipedia and Google-Google Knol.

SEO and SEM is already ready as you can see here.

Susan Decker will make $815,000 at Yahoo

Susan Decker was the chief financial officer of Yahoo last year. Her salary was $500,000.

According to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) she will now make $815,000 as the new President of Yahoo. (CEO is Jerry Yang).

Her annual target cash bonus will be $1.2 million (150% of her base salary).

Susan Decker Yahoo

Google discreetly opens office in Montreal..

According to french Business Newspaper “Les Affaires“, Google just bought an office at 1000 de la gauchetiere street, downtown montreal.

7 engineers are currently working there.

Montreal office is looking for windows developpers and C, C++ programmers. See this job opportunity: Senior Windows Developer – Montreal

And the most interesting part: according to real estate agencies, Google would be looking for commercial offices of 100 000 square feet.. Such an office could have 200-300 people working in..

Please review your resume..

Wasalive a new search engine

I just discovered a new search engine that nobody tells about, a search engine with no news, a secret search engine: Wasalive

Fluid presentation with ajax, this website search the web, images, audio and video files. For today are indexed: 34 305 news providers, 1 477 552 news, 225 382 multimedia files

When you enter a keyword, the search fields suggest you words while you are typing.

You can also navigate and search by tags that you can find below the search field, another way to search.

5 languages are available: french, english, spanish, german, italian.

With a whois request I can see the domain was created on september 25th 2006 by a young 25 years-old guy from Marseille, France.

Wasalive, un search engine to watch..

Wikiasari (Wikia), a serious rival for Google will be live in early 2007

Amazon and Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, are working together on a search engine rival to Google, based on human judgement rather than algorithms. Wikiasari should be online at the first quarter of 2007 according to Times, backed by millions dollars from Amazon and Silicon Valley Investors.
Wikiasari comes from Wiki, “quick” in hawaiian and Asari “rummaging search” in japanese.

The search engine will work with the same user-based technology as Wikipedia that allows to edit the pages.

“Google is very good at many types of search, but in many instances it produces nothing but spam and useless crap. Try searching for the term ‘Tampa hotels’, for example, and you will not get any useful results,” said Wales.

Ask X: the New Ask

Ask is trying a new design for its search engine

  • Left: A search control panel that stays with you, complete with Zoom Related Search and Search Suggestions that update as you type.
  • Middle: Results front and center to provide clutter-free information without having to scroll down the page, and Binoculars to preview results.
  • Right: A preview of other types of search results, including video, news, images, blogs, shopping, encyclopedia and more.”

But don’t tell you know about this, it’s a secret!

New Personalized Search Homepage

Here it is the personalized search startpage of nearly one month after the first release:

Register it’s free and easy. You will have access to the following services:

-Add/delete search engines (about 140 for both languages)

-Add/edit your favorite links per category

-Add RSS Feeds among the suggested list or add your own feeds

-Your login gives you access to both languages websites that you can administer independantly

-See and share the most popular RSS Feeds with the latest feeds added

The current version is still in development and beta so feel free to make your comments..

Also we experience temporary hosting problems, so I ask you to be patient..