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End of the World Meteorite Video 2012

A Scary Video of a Large Meteorite (or is it an Asteroid ?) hitting the Earth.

Width: 500 kilometers.

“The Evidence shows that this has happened at least 6 times in Earth History”.

Hoping that before it happens Science and Technology will have found a way to avoid this 🙁 !

Some People say it will happen December 21, 2012 as known as End of the World.

Believe it … or not.

Note: if the video is no longer working, try: end of the world 2012 ou end of the world meteorite on Youtube.

Briggs-Rauscher Oscillating Reaction

This is really impressive experience captured on video.

This is the Briggs-Rauscher Oscillating color change Reaction.

“The Briggs-Rauscher reaction, also known as ‘the oscillating clock’, is one of the most common demonstrations of a chemical oscillator reaction. The reaction begins when three colorless solutions are mixed together. The color of the resulting mixture will oscillate between clear, amber, and deep blue for about 3-5 minutes. The solution ends up as a blue-black mixture.”


hydrogenperoxide 30%

potassium iodate
malonic acid
manganese(II) sulfate monohydrate
conc. H2SO4
starch, soluble

WARNING: Do not do this at Home this is dangerous and can be fatal.

Future Scanner : Digg for Future

Future Scanner

Future Scanner is a new Digg-Like on Future.

Community members add stories about the best future-focused content (predictions by experts, discoveries that will impact future events, product prototypes, industry forecasts, useful resources, etc.) and sorts it by future Year and Category.

The design of Future Scanner is pretty ugly but stories are interesting.

Among Hottest Scans we can find The Future of e-Books and Flying Cars Ready To Take Off.

Future Scanner is part of the MemeBox Network (Jeff hifford is the CEO.)
Nice niche-content digg-like for all of you who like technology, innovation and future of humankind.

Invisibility cloak you say?

Looks like real but it’s not.

But still really impressive, don’t you think?

If you want to know more about the real invisibility project, see David R. Smith webpage. This project is backed by the Pentagone.

Another article on LiveScience.

Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak for soon? Star Trek?