Saleh Kazemi pics

Saleh Kazemi, 20 years old was found dead near Steve Mcnair.



McNair had been dating Saleh Kazemi for several months.

Murder-Suicide ?

Photos and videos from MSNBC and voice of Saleh Kazemi’s sister:

Apparently the name would be Sahel Kazemi not Saleh Kazemi

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahA……how are you going to be killed by your own whore? thats funny,there is a GOD;)

  2. Well, there ya go. People make their own fate. Saleh Kazemi sister says that McNair was going to be divorced in 2 weeks, and look what happens when the girlfriend finds out different. Guess Saleh should have waited until he was divorced before she slept with him, the out come could be different! Why is it these woman fall for these married men?? Oh yea, in his case he was so called famous and full of money….money always does talk, doesn’t it??????????????????????????////

  3. Hair removal? Good story????? Guess you don’t read much do you? Have you picked up a book lately, and I am not talking comic book! That site is crap~! As a matter of fact that site had the WRONG picture of McNairs wife yesterday…too bad that woman doesn’t sue the!

  4. Wow… conservative, prudish shitheads abound here. Someone dies and all you care about it where they stuck their tallywhacker. Fucking shallow.

  5. Progressive, get in line with the Conservatives because the dream is over. You will never be famous and be able to sleep around like these athletes/entertainers so you might as well get in with the family values attitude. Liberals are only in line with the loose morals values until they realize the women dont like them because they are broke dumbasses. Try having convictions prior to dreaming of quick and easy encounters and quit trying to look down your nose at those who comment about idiots who cannot keep the dick in the pants….If McNair would not have strayed, he’d be alive. If Ensign had not strayed, he’d still have a leadership role, if Wolfowitz would not have strayed, if Sandford….need I go on? It is really that simple–keep the dick in the pants. You are married.

  6. ADMIN: ## : comment edited (please no bad words)

    Three words: Sel## sp## b#.

    He bought her so much and this is the thanks he gets? What a sad little whore SHE was. Ugly to boot.

    He said something she didn’t want to hear and she freaking SHOOTS him? What a real piece of s## she was. A stupid little ugly goofy bullying unappreciative selfish b###.

  7. That just goes to show you that all the money in the world and all the material things that are given mean nothing. It brings you down and not up. She could of just gone on being his little whore and had everything but when he made a decision to stay with his wife (probably for his children) she lost it. Well now she doesnt get shit and she takes away from his kids what they really need. A father. Oh well goes to show you only true happiness comes from the inside and we shouldall cherish what we have that the man above has given us and not what we buy.

  8. 2 the young lady who said there is a God, in the New Testament adultery was cause 2 b murdered. My God in heaven is supreme being and what makes him so wonderful is he forgives ALL sins except blasphemy him jesus or the holy ghost, so i dont know what deity you pray to! One family lost a daughter sister niece, another family lost a father, brother, provider and husband, sounds 2 me n this is MY opinion, u bitter cuz ya old man been dippin out on u!

  9. excuse i MEANT 2 say it wasnt punishible(adultery) by death, i also apologize for my harsh words, and ask for your forgiveness, it is divine

  10. ….jeez, people are expired and all you yanks think about is f’n karma and jesus, bible,who was right and wrong. what the hell ever happened to inocent until “proven” guilty for whatever you do? check your own closets and and talk about what good the man did…yes he died execution style..two in the pumper and two in the computer,but that does not mean he was a dirt bag…you yanks condem then you hear the evidence!

  11. bugs dealer, nonsense……..nothing to do with jesus or the bible. I like to think of it this way–I am happy with my fiancee. How would I feel if she did this S*** to me. Pretty lousy and it causes tremendous stress and complications. I also believe that pot should be legal–who am I hurting by smoking a blunt? Who do I hurt by pullin my D*** out at every opportunity? Its about compassion and empathy and not always thinking about yourself. Not jesus and the bible.

  12. He sucked at football. Sucked at life. Sucked at following holy matromonal rules. and faced the conciquences. life sucks for Steve Mcnair….O_o

  13. bigboyz,shut the fukk up,my life is just fine…a man die by the whore he paid for….I never said he deserves it…its ironic and scary,but yea fukk u dumbass…you get a life,I doing just fine over here you loser;)

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