Rinspeed sQuba: James Bond’s Car

Rinspeed sQuba is the perfect James Bond’s Car. And she is ecologic.

Genius Frank Rinderknecht just created a superb electric Roadster that is the first world submersible car.

Squba has 3.79 m long, 1.94 m width and 1.12 m tall, it weights 920 kg and looks like the Lotus Elise. It goes from 0 to à 80 km/h in 7.1 seconds and max speed is 120 km/h.

sQuba uses lithium-ion batteries.

sQuba can go underwater with two back propellers and two lateral Seabob jet drives, responsible for keeping the car stable. It can goes under a maximum depth of 10 m and speed is 6 km/h above the water and 3 km/h under.

Passengers use oxygen cylinders. “If the car was a hardtop, all the cabin would have to be really strong to cope with the water pressure. This would add lots of extra weight to the car and it would move very slowly out of the water as well”.

Official website: www.rinspeed.com

Here is the Rinspeed sQuba video and some pictures:

Rinspeed sQuba 1

Rinspeed sQuba 2

sQuba 3

Rinspeed 4

Rinspeed sQuba 5

Rinspeed sQuba 6

Rinspeed sQuba 7

Rinspeed sQuba 8

Rinspeed sQuba 9

Rinspeed sQuba 10

Rinspeed sQuba 11