Sold to Sedo for $2.6 Million

pizza dot com was sold a few days ago for $2.6 million to Sedo, the leader of the sale of domain names.

Its owner, Chris Clark, 43, bought the domain in 1994 for $20. Those were the very early days of the Web.

Clark hoped to get a big contract with a pizza consulting company, but it never happened. Clark then sold his company in 2000, but not the domain name.

After realizing that the site had sold for $3 million in December 2006, Clark thought, “Why not me?” So, he decided to put his site up for sale on Sedo.

The auction began 10 days ago, on March 27, at $100. A week later, the offer was increased to $2.6 million.

We do not know the buyer’s identity, but it’s no doubt that technology firms are constantly monitoring domain names on Sedo.

Internationally, sales of domain names are increasing, at least temporarily when this type of event occurs. Although today it is still possible to make money by selling domain names, I can assure you: all generic names are already taken, and have been for years -)