Phototrade : Make Money with your photos

Phototrade is a new web service that allows you to make money by sharing your images and photos online.

The website is currently in beta and on invitations only (one invit to give, email me to or register on phototrade to be notified)

First when you are invited on Phototrade here is your Dashboard when you are registered:

Phototrade 1

Then you upload your pics via the online tool:

Phototrade share photos

And here what a typical hosted page looks like:

Phototrade make money

And you start making money with your photos by CPM and Adsense sharing revenue.

You can also sell your photos: (you set the price)

See video of Phototrade at Blogworld Expo, by Shoemoney:

Now it’s probably a good way to get paid for your photos when I see the number of visits I get from Google on my pics.

We’ll see in the future how Phototrade perform.

The negative aspect is that we are getting dependant from this kind of service as a free webhosting. What will happen if they close ??

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