The Very Funny Cat Story

VeRy FuNNy CaTs Vr1.

For cat lovers, here is the new video buzz: Cute funny and dancing cats.

These Ain’t no normal cats!

Pictures like these found on 4chan and 7chan.

You’ll never see cats as you did before.

FCC Spectrum Auction : Google will bid

FCC Logo

Google just announced today that they will bid in the Wireless FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Spectrum Auction in January.

Winning the wireless spectrum auction in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band would allow Google to provide mobile phone and Internet services. The reserve price for the C Block at the auction is $4.6 billion.

According to Official Google Blog the winner of the Spectrum Auction will be: CONSUMER.

The winner will have to allow their users to download any software app they want on their mobile device and to use any mobile devices they would like on that wireless network.

“We believe it’s important to put our money where our principles are” said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.

What we don’t know is what Google intends to do exactly with this Spectrum..

Om Malik points out a interesting comment : “So Google Will Bid For Spectrum. Will It Play To Win?

Susan Decker will make $815,000 at Yahoo

Susan Decker was the chief financial officer of Yahoo last year. Her salary was $500,000.

According to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) she will now make $815,000 as the new President of Yahoo. (CEO is Jerry Yang).

Her annual target cash bonus will be $1.2 million (150% of her base salary).

Susan Decker Yahoo

Earn Money from your Blog

Problogger just posted the results of his Survey on How Much Money Do Bloggers Earn Blogging?” (for month of October)

On 3054 responses, 855 (28%) don’t earn money, nothing, nada.

2199 bloggers (72%) are making money from their blog.

Among these 72% :

  • 572 (26%) earn under $10 per month
  • 264 (12%) earn between $10 and $29
  • 286 (13%) earn between $30 and $99
  • 418 (19%) earn between $100 and $499
  • 176 (8%) earn between $500 and $999
  • 88 (4%) earn between $1000 and $1499
  • 66 (3%) earn between $1500 and $2499
  • 88 (4%) earn between $2500 and $4999
  • 44 (2%) earn between $5000 and $9999
  • 22 (1%) earn between $10 000 and $14 999
  • 198 (9%) earn more than $15 000 per month

Here the pie chart for bloggers making money (72%):

Blog Earning Pie Charts


On total answers (3054), 65% are making nothing or under $100 per month. (28% nothing, 37% under $100)
35% are making more than 100$ per month, on these 9% are making more than $15 000 per month (huge)

So is a blog a good way for making money ?

YES if you are a High-Traffic weblog or a Top Blogger.
NO if you spend a lot of time blogging and you make less than 100$ per month.

You can earn more money by setting up a classic website and not spending as many hours as you would on a blog…

Do your maths.

Personally I love Blogging, it’s a Lifestyle.

7 Great Sites for WordPress Themes

As I am looking for a custom Worpress Theme for this blog, I found 7 ressources for templates (free, paid and custom).

Here are seven great links for custom wordpress themes:

  1. Templates For Sale at SitePoint Marketplace
  2. WordPress Templates at Digital Point Forums
  3. Free WordPress Templates
  4. Top Free WordPress Themes
  5. WordPress Themes Free
  6. Free WordPress Themes
  7. Unique Blog Designs (NEW)

Unique Blog Designs Team:

I will choose the 7th because of the two cute girls and the nice guy.

Social Websites Rankings for October 2007

Comscore just released the Rankings for Social Sites for the month of October.

Best % change : Imeem, AIM Pages, Digg, Flickr, Facebook. (that’s Web 2.0)

Biggest % drop :  Xanga, MSN Groups, Aol, Lycos Tripod (that’s web 1.0)

Comscore Rankings Social Sites

Safe Sex Passport for safe dating without STD

Safe Sex Passport

A Florida based company is launching the very first Safe Sex Passport that guarantees you that the person you meet online has no sexually transmitted disease (STD) like HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

The service is for people who are registered on dating websites.

To get your card you go to an affiliate laboratory and take the tests. Your results are sent by the lab to Safe Sex Passport (SSP) that gives you your passport.

“If you want to meet someone online, they can call a phone number and get the test results and test date for you, plus identification information so that they know for sure that you are really the person who was tested. In the old days, you had to take someone’s word for it when they said they had been tested and were in the clear. Now you can ask for proof.”

Safe Sex Passport has already 15 000 registered users and many dating websites expressed an interest in the service.

Official Launch: December 1. European launch: first quarter 2008.

A very lucrative business for SSP : it will cost you $ 300 for 6 months ($ 274 for renewals) !

At this costs, singles have to plan a special “dating” Budget.

With this Sex Card, are people going to get “crazy” or more responsibles ? Both I think 🙂

See the SSP Corporate Kit (PDF)

Jessical Biel with Photoshop in 2.5 hours

This is Great Art with Photoshop : 2 hours and half to create a very sexy Jessica Biel

Softwares used : Photoshop CS3, Painter X, Wacom Intuos 3.

Below the pic that was the inspiration :

Jessica Biel

And here is the video with Photoshop:

I need a custom wordpress theme

Well this theme is temporary. I would like a nice custom WordPress theme, if some designer is reading this please email me or let your infos in comments.

Or if you know where I could have someone to do this, please tell me in comments.

Actually I like themes like these ones: (a good starting point) 

Kent French : 721 Claps per minute

This guy is crazy. Kent French has the world record of claps per minute : 721.

So Funny.

Blogentrepreneur For Sale

Blogentrepreneur is for sale.

This Marketing/SEO/Entrepreneurship weblog has great numbers for October 2007 (especially impressive ratio dollars/visitors)

  • Unique Visitors: 6,500 (figure is growing monthly)
  • Pageviews: 10,600 (1.3 per visitor)
  • RSS Daily Readers: 900+

and good revenues :

  • Text Link Ads – $234.63
  • ReviewMe – $125
  • Affiliate Revenue – $105
  • Private Text Links – $65
  • Private Post Level Links – $29.20
  • Private Image Ad – $70

Total: 628.83 $ for october.

Adnan is leaving the Blogosphere after his “experiment to see whether the internet was an avenue forward in terms of making money online, and forming new friendships, gathering a loyal crowd of readers and using technology for progress”.

“Whilst this is not the time for a full explanation (which will come in the next few days), it is with great regret and sorrow that I announce that I’m leaving the blogosphere, and have decided to put – my flagship blog – up for sale.”

Good Luck Man.

Yves Rossy the Flying Man

This is pretty old (some months ago) but I love it : Yves Rossy aka “Fusionman” from Switzerland is the first Flying Man.

Jet-Man is able to fly following Icare’s dream, with true wings and a jet-pack.

Wonderful music on amazing images:

Phototrade : Make Money with your photos

Phototrade is a new web service that allows you to make money by sharing your images and photos online.

The website is currently in beta and on invitations only (one invit to give, email me to or register on phototrade to be notified)

First when you are invited on Phototrade here is your Dashboard when you are registered:

Phototrade 1

Then you upload your pics via the online tool:

Phototrade share photos

And here what a typical hosted page looks like:

Phototrade make money

And you start making money with your photos by CPM and Adsense sharing revenue.

You can also sell your photos: (you set the price)

See video of Phototrade at Blogworld Expo, by Shoemoney:

Now it’s probably a good way to get paid for your photos when I see the number of visits I get from Google on my pics.

We’ll see in the future how Phototrade perform.

The negative aspect is that we are getting dependant from this kind of service as a free webhosting. What will happen if they close ??

Usenext Download Contest World Record

674 MB downloaded in just 34 seconds (average speed: 159 Mbit/s) and 32 seconds more for compressing. Totally amazing.

This was done for UseNeXT download contest, the Next Generation Downloading.

$132 994 from Adsense in 1 month

Blogger and Webmaster Jeremy Schoemaker aka “Shoemoney” answered questions on his blog about the famous picture where he is holding a $ 132 994.97 Google Adsense Check.

Check is real even if it’s hard to believe (click to enlarge) :

Shoemoney Adsense Check

It was for the month August 2005 and we can see the full month report from AdSense (he has permission from Google to display CTR and eCPM rates) : (click to enlarge)

August 2005 Shoemoney Adsense

– revenues were made on his website (Wallpapers and Free Ringtones)

– it’s 100% user generated content (494 000 members)

– at the time his expenses were 1 server @ 299$ per month for hosting, so it’s at least 130k profit.

– none of traffic was PPC (Pay Per Click) but was 70% from direct access, 15% from search engines and 15% from referrals

– stats : 75 000 uniques visitors per day

– to the question Do you think its possible to still earn that kind of revenue? (most often asked question), Jeremy answers : YES.

– Shoemoney never tried to make any money the first 1.5 years it was running. He just concentrated on providing a good service. About 2 years after he started the site he started to do good revenue from AdSense

Insane, no ?! these nice pics make me living again… even if people like “Shoemoney” are not a lot in this world…

And see, there is more to come: Shoemoney says that Adsense earnings only count for 5% of his total revenue on his websites.

In october Shoemoney’s blog gave him $ 30 000 in direct sales (advertising logos, banners).

In march 2007 he earned $ 709 626.81 as an affiliate of Commission Junction.

Shoemoney Commission Junction

Back to Adsense Check, when I look on comments in the post, Shoemoney says:

“I have a good friend that was doing about 2M per month.. so that would be about 65k per day so yes 100k every few days for sure is possible”

The guy who is speaking about must be Marcus from (2 millions unique visitors per day!)

So I am going to bed now and I will put Shoemoney’s Adsense Check just above my bed.. may be it will bring me success…

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