Fable 2 Cheats

Video Game Fable 2 was released and here are the Fable 2 Cheats:

official website: www.fable2.com

The Pooch Pamperer (5 points): Play fetch with your dog, or see another Hero’s dog play.
The Archaeologist (5 points): Dig up something the dog has discovered, or see another Hero do so.
The Dog Trainer (5 points): Teach your dog a trick, or see another Hero’s dog learn one.
The Persuader (5 points): Convince a villager to give you a present, or see another Hero do so.
The Show-off (5 points): Impress a villager with a perfect expression, or see another Hero do so.
The Romantic (10 points): Take a villager on a perfect date, or tag along to one. Location and expressions are all-important.
The Spouse (10 points): Marry a villager, or attend the wedding of another Hero.
The Parent (10 points): Have a child, or be there for the birth of another Hero’s child.
The Hunter (5 points): Kill a sweet, innocent, fluffy bunny rabbit (remember, safety’s off!)
The Gargoyle (25 points): Find the gargoyles’ legendary treasure.
The Chicken Kicker (5 points): Kick a chicken a good distance, or see one getting kicked.
The Cliff Diver (5 points): Cliff dive 500 feet, or see another Hero do so.
The Workhorse (10 points): A Hero must achieve a high-enough chain while performing a job.
The Hero of Many Names (5 points): Change your Hero’s title, or see another Hero change theirs.
The Teaser (5 points): Make bandits respond to expressions with fear, anger, mirth, and confusion… during combat!
The Property Magnate (10 points): A property must be sold for twice the price it was bought for.
The Rogue (5 points): Steal something undetected from a building while there are people nearby, or see another Hero do so.
The Illustrated Hero (5 points): Tattoo every part of your Hero’s body, or see another Hero do so.
The Executioner (10 points): Sacrifice ten people in the Temple of Shadows, or see another Hero do so.
The Gambler (10 points): A Hero must win 500 gold at a pub game in one sitting, having tried each game type at least once.
The Bigamist (10 points): Get married a second time, whilst already married, or attend the second wedding of another Hero.
The Swinger (5 points): Take part in a debauched bedroom party with several participants.
The Pied Piper (10 points): Start a party where at least five villagers are dancing, or see another Hero do so.
The Party Animal (10 points): Get five villagers drunk in under three minutes, or see another Hero do so.
The Menace To Society (5 points): Commit an act of public indecency, or see another Hero commit one.
The Black Knight (10 points): Shoot the weapons from a hollow man’s hands, blow off his head and then kill him for good!
The Duellist (10 points): String together a full-speed chain attack, or see another Hero do so.
The Sharpshooter (10 points): Hit three enemies with one shot, or see another Hero do so.
The Archmage (10 points): A Hero must kill five human enemies with one spell.
The Ruler of Albion (100 points): Amass a 2.5 million gold real estate empire, or be there when another Hero does.
The Hoarder (25 points): Collect every silver key, or see another Hero do so.
The Goth (5 points): A Hero must dye their hair black, and wear a black outfit and black makeup.
The Completionist (50 points): Get all expressions, pet tricks and abilities, or see another Hero do so.
The Paragon (15 points): Reach 100% good or evil, or see another Hero do so.
The Extremist (15 points): Reach 100% purity or corruption, or see another Hero do so.
The Celebrity (50 points): Reach 50,000 renown, or see another Hero do so.
The Artisan (10 points): Succeed at one job to Level 5, or see another Hero do so.
The Dollcatcher (10 points): Collect all the Hero dolls, or see another Hero collect them.
The Muse (5 points): Inspire the Bard to compose songs celebrating your great deeds.
The Companions (10 points): Perform a perfect co-op expression.
The Double Threat (10 points): Get a co-op combat bonus.
The Philanthropist (10 points): Send a gift to an Xbox LIVE friend, or watch another Hero send one.
The Whippersnapper (25 points): A child Hero must collect five gold pieces.
The New Hero (50 points): The terror of Bower Lake must be defeated.
The Hero of Strength (100 points): Complete The Hero of Strength.
The Hero of Will (100 points): Complete The Hero of Will.
The Hero of Skill (100 points): Complete The Hero of Skill.
The Sacrifice (25 points): A Hero must choose ‘The Needs of the Many’.
The Family (25 points): A Hero must choose ‘The Needs of The Few’.
The Egomaniac (25 points): A Hero must choose ‘The Needs of the One’.

Brock Lesnar against Randy Couture at UFC 91

This November 15th in Las Vegas will stand a big fight between Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture for UFC 91.

Randy Couture is the Heavyweight Champion and Brock will fight for it after only 1 win and 1 loss in UFC.

Couture is the favorite but one big punch by Lesnar could change the game….

Lesnar is big very big.

Let’s see what will happen!

Brock Lesnar Videos on Youtube.

Randy Couture Videos on Youtube.

Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock on CBS october 4

Kimbo Slice will fight against Ken Shamrock on CBS october 4th.

Let’s see what Kimbo can do against Shamrock because even if he won against James Thompson in last CBS MMA Show it was pretty difficult for him and he was exhausted.

Download Google Chrome

Google Chrome

This Tuesday September 2 (or Monday at midnight), you will be able to download Google Chrome, the new Web Browser made by Google. Availability in 100 countries.

Download Google Chrome: http://gears.google.com/chrome/eula.html?hl=fr

Official Website: http://www.google.com/chrome

See the post on Google official Weblog.

See also explanations with the Comics.

UFC 83 : Matt Serra – Georges St-Pierre

UFC 83

UFC 83 is this Saturday 19th April 2008 in Montreal at Bell Center, 10:00 PM Eastern Time.

Fights are on Pay Per View.

World Championship between Georges St-Pierre from Quebec and present World Champion Matt Serra.

Here is UFC83 Schedule:


170 lbs: Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre
185 lbs: Travis Lutter vs. Rich Franklin
155 lbs: Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes
185 lbs: Charles McCarthy vs. Michael Bisping
155 lbs: Mac Danzig vs. Mark Bocek


185 lbs: Jason MacDonald vs. Joe Doerksen
185 lbs: Jason Day vs. Alan Belcher
155 lbs: Sam Stout vs. Rich Clementi
170 lbs: Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Jonathan Goulet
265 lbs: Cain Velasquez vs. Brad Morris
185 lbs: Ed Herman vs. Demian Maia

Naked Vlogs : Video Blog Nude

The genre of Naked Vlogs has just been launched in the United States.

The concept is simple: You vlog, or video blog (podcast) in the nude….

Luckily (or unfortunately, in some cases) we don’t see the entire body… we just see the top half of the person.

It’s an amusing idea. Will this soon be launched in the French blogosphere?

Go have a look; it is for a good cause, and your stats will go through the roof.

The initiator of the Naked Blog Campaign, Chris3ff:

And the best of Naked Vlogs:

Microsoft Parody in a Video on Vista

The following video is a nightmare — in a manner that is fashioned completely outside the Geek Style.

But though bloggers made fun of this clip, this video actually seems to be a parody created by Microsoft itself!

In some sort of self-parody, Vista shows that Microsoft has a sense of humor!

Look at this waste of time provided by Bruce and the ServicePack Vista Street Band:

The Head- and Foot-Controlled Ergonomic Mouse


If you suffer from cramped hands or carpal tunnel syndrome due to regular, repeated use of your computer keyboard, there are now some ergonomic mouses on the market. The only problem is that even if these models do alleviate hand or wrist pain, it’s still not the optimal solution for some.

So, here is the ultimate solution: a hands-free mouse.

First, the mouse is guided by your head and eye motions. The principle is simple: you place a small receiver-style webcam over your screen. Then, you put an optical sensor on your forehead, between your eyes, even while wearing a baseball cap or glasses, etc.

Each movement of your head then moves the mouse cursor on the screen. Also, moving your head just 6 mm will cover the entire screen.

The prices are higher for these models than for the ergonomic hand mouse ($70-$100). Instead, we are talking about a range from $400 to $1,000.

There are at least two models on the market: the Smartnav 4: Eg Natural Point, which costs $399, and the Extreme Head Mouse, which costs $995.

Smartnav 4 mouse

You can still click and double-click at the keyboard with your hands, and you can go even further with a double-click system by using a foot pedal for mouse-clicking on the screen, and disabled users can manipulate the clicks by navigating a straw in their mouth.

Second, there is a foot-controlled mouse. The right shoe is the “mouse” for the right foot. To the left is the “key,” which you click with your left foot.

Again, no use of the hands is needed for total control of the mouse.

The price for this model is $199 at Bili Inc.

mouse feet


JohnCow.com was sold for $50,000

JohnCow.com Blog was just sold today for $50,000. (This blog is different from John Chow).

John Cow started on July 1st, 2007. After only 9 months online, this website got exposure in tech, marketing and Make Money Online blogs.

The author does not give really a reason for selling his blog except that he is moving from Europe to Australia and that his personal life will be busy.

John Cow’s Blog was for sale (since Thursday) between $25 000 and $50 000 dollars on Sitepoint.

Revenue: $2500 $ per month. (not bad!)

Feedburner readers: 1631

Monthly Unique Visitors: 40 000.

Other details:

  • PageRank 3
  • Alexa 22,100
  • Compete 41,020
  • Technorati 1696, Autority 1457
  • 382 posts
  • 47,412 Backlinks (Yahoo!)
  • 2,830 indexed pages (Google)

When Robotics Engineers Get Bored…

Robotics engineering is a great profession. Yet when the engineer is tired of programming industrial robots, he abandons the work with nuts and bolts and switches to “fun.”

However, judging by the video below, it is best to not give the programmation of this to the programmer trainees.

Here engineer’s head goes very closely to the ground.

Fortunately, there are no major bugs ;-0

Twitter: A Good Thing or a Waste of Time?

Hugh MacLeod has decided to close his own account of Twitter, and apparently that’s a pretty big deal — because strangely, his move seems to push the debate about Twitter in the U.S. blogosphere.

His decision revived the debate.

Below is a comic’s version of Hugh:

twitter gapingvoid

Twitter: Angel or Devil?

All this is very similar to Facebook: we like it, we don’t like it, we like it again, now we don’t like it -)

Personally, I Twit on occasion. I am sometimes tempted to say it was a waste of time, especially if I begin to really love all of this. At other times, I like it and I send some twitts. These are facts to prove that I exist.

Becoming hooked on Twitter is so easy. You read someone’s post and find that he wants to share his time with his “followers.” Then someone responds, another person responds to that, then another person, and it just continues… a person can quickly be taken at his own game and spend hours at this. At its most insane, Twitter may resemble Casino Blogger. But because there is no money to deal with, the only bargaining chip is to find a scoop or learn something new about a blogger we know well.

But Twitter isn’t a void. It’s a coffee shop. On Friday night, for example.

Or twitter is perfect for news monitoring.


Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I say to myself, “give me back these 20 minutes of my life”. But because I tend to optimize my time behind the computer, it is clear that I will not ever become addicted to Twitter.

It is a real love-hate relationship.

It is best, therefore, to use Twitter with restraint and intelligence.

At least I think Twitter has minimal interest for bloggers, unlike Facebook….

The Story of Yahoo! Soon to be a Movie?

Yahoo Spec

This scenario could certainly be adapted to the screen in the coming years. There’s just so much to say about the history of this company, which is one of the Web’s oldest sites.

After the takeover of Google, which failed in its infancy, Yahoo is back stronger than ever — in the media, at least.

I hope, at least for them, that they will make the right decision.

First came the offer to purchase Microsoft two months ago.

Then, a few days ago, Microsoft issued an ultimatum: the initial offer of a partnership could turn into a hostile takeover.

Yahoo did not appreciate that, and with today’s news, the dice are being thrown again.

So now, News Corp (which owns MySpace) and Microsoft are in the process of joining together to acquire the portal.

Also, Yahoo announced that it will begin to integrate Google-sponsored links in its test search results.

Yahoo is a mature brand and is in the lead. The goal, of course, is to raise the stakes and create action on the stock exchange.

But it doesn’t stop there. A partnership with AOL is also being considered: Yahoo could, in exchange for 20% of its capital, acquire Time Warner’s AOL.

However, all of this is in the midst of speculation, and it’s a bit of a war.

Hopefully, the final choice will be interesting and satisfying to the end-user.

Pizza.com Sold to Sedo for $2.6 Million

pizza dot com

Pizza.com was sold a few days ago for $2.6 million to Sedo, the leader of the sale of domain names.

Its owner, Chris Clark, 43, bought the domain www.pizza.com in 1994 for $20. Those were the very early days of the Web.

Clark hoped to get a big contract with a pizza consulting company, but it never happened. Clark then sold his company in 2000, but not the domain name.

After realizing that the site vodka.com had sold for $3 million in December 2006, Clark thought, “Why not me?” So, he decided to put his site up for sale on Sedo.

The auction began 10 days ago, on March 27, at $100. A week later, the offer was increased to $2.6 million.

We do not know the buyer’s identity, but it’s no doubt that technology firms are constantly monitoring domain names on Sedo.

Internationally, sales of domain names are increasing, at least temporarily when this type of event occurs. Although today it is still possible to make money by selling domain names, I can assure you: all generic names are already taken, and have been for years -)

Barbecue Time

Ducane Barbecue

The weather was good this weekend in Montreal. It was like the sun in California, which we haven’t seen here in a long time.

It’s great! The streets were filled with so many people: pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars were everywhere.

OK, it was only 9 degrees Celsius, but apart from that, it was like … spring 😉

I took the opportunity to buy an indispensable accessory that all good Quebecers must have: a Barbecue grill. I was looking for a large electric one, but it was impossible to find.

So I decided to buy this nice Ducane propane (a trademark owned by Weber, it seems). It’s a pretty durable piece of equipment if someone does not steal it to me. Still, I added a string and a cable.

Here I am, ready for the summer season! Summer, I am waiting!

Here are two pretty steaks sprinkled with onion soup mix, a delight!

barbecue steacks

Interview With RobotShop’s Mario Tremblay


Robotshop.ca is one of the leaders of online robotics. The following is an interview I conducted with its founder, Mario Tremblay. I would like to clarify that this article is not sponsored. I took the time to talk with Mario about Robotshop because I believe that this is an intelligent company at all levels: within its own sector, in Internet marketing, and through the vision of its founder. I discovered Robotshop through a co-worker who left the pharmaceutical industry to work full-time with her husband, who is none other than…Mario Tremblay.

Mario, you are the founder of an Internet site, Robotshop.ca, a leader in robotics. Can you tell us about the company, including its inception (which is part of the adventure), and how many employees you have?

Robotshop, Robotics at Your Service (TM) was founded in 2003. We specialize in robotic technology on both a professional and domestic basis. We offer a wide range of robotic products and services in this sector. Our head office is in Boisbriand, Quebec. Our mission is to provide companies with domestic and professional robot technology that will help increase individuals’ satisfaction, knowledge, freedom and security.

Our team is growing rapidly, and we are very versatile in our expertise; we employ technicians and engineers; robotics experts in Web marketing and logistics; and we also have sales and shipping staff. We are also working with consultant firms for specific tasks that we do not want to take on internally.

Since RobotShop is primarily a specialized online shop, what are your primary products, and who is your target audience: professional, for specialized equipment; or the general public, for domestic robots and toys? Also, whom do you serve? Quebec, the United States, or the International community?

Our clientele is very broad, including students and professors, laborers and blue-collar workers, innovators, “early adopters”, schools and companies, and institutions and governments around the world.

From a surface view, we do feel that RobotShop is primarily a specialty online store. But in reality, RobotShop was developed to distribute the outgrowth of robotic research and development (R&D). It was while we were developing R&D that we noticed shortcomings in the distribution of robotic goods to professionals. So, now we offer specialized robotic parts (microcontrollers, sensors, motors, etc.) Every day, through Robotshop’s Online Support Center, we respond to all sorts of questions about how to build certain applications, what products to use, and so on.

Admittedly, there is one aspect of our robot distribution that improves our everyday lives — the popular robot iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner; so far, more than 3 million units have been sold around the world. This is the first major success in the robotic “servant” field. We were the first to sell them in Canada and the first in the world to repair these domestic robots in our facility. At RobotShop, we bring robots back to life! (TM)

We also just made a breakthrough in the field of professional robots, a more expensive and robust class of robots that can be used in various applications such as surveillance, security, or even to oversee mine clearing. These robots also serve as a development platform.

That being said, our toy robots and the educational kits that are used to build them should not be neglected, because they are not meant to just amuse people while the robots’ batteries are being drained! Rather, they are used increasingly to train young people in our schools and to encourage their desire and knowledge to create. Kids love robots, and if this can give them a feeling of creating and inventing something useful for society, then that’s a very good thing.

I noticed that RobotShop has a strong presence in the sponsored links (Google Adwords). Do you have a big marketing budget, and have you developed a strategy for it on the Web?

We are investing a lot in marketing since the web is our main market. We have been committed to it in the past, and our consulting firms have recently decided to use our own internal expertise to build our own Web Intelligence Center. This department is expected to really grow and become the heart of the company’s strategic operations. Our goal is to become the world leader on the Internet in the field of robotics and domestic work. We are now preparing to take a dominant position. Our main strategy is simple: know yourself, know your field and know your competitors. With this information at our disposal, we can be proactive and in a position to prepare good action plans.

As I have already pointed out, you do not have an affiliate program, which nevertheless could serve as leverage in your online sales. Is this something you plan to initiate in the near future?

You know, there are different Web strategies. At RobotShop, we believe that good content attracts good links and, thus, good traffic. Tha’s how we’ve built RobotShop in the last 5 years. In recent months, we decided to develop and launch the new Web RobotShop platform, as well as the Forum and the Wiki, which will help build our community on the Web. Our programmers are actively working with the help of our robotics team to provide good content. The most important thing is that consumers find what they are looking for when they need it and at the price they are ready to pay for it. At RobotShop we strive to offer a pleasant shopping experience.

To respond more specifically to your question, we have considered an affiliate program in the short and medium term, but it’s not really a top priority. We don’t believe that this would be as advantageous as other ideas we are implementing right now, steps we are taking right now, but we do believe that this would be an asset at some point.

I see on your site that you are now concentrating on these matters, in particular (Specialists in Robotics, Internet Content, and Internet Marketing Strategy, in charge of Purchasing and Inventory Management), which is a good sign. Do you feel the company can develop this quickly? What about your sales, if that is not too delicate a question?

RobotShop is growing very rapidly, and by its own means. The company has a growth rate of 80 to 100% per year, which it has had every year since its inception. Also, all profits from the company, which has been profitable since its first year, are re-invested. Because we are a privately owned firm, I prefer to keep some things confidential, but I can tell you that the management team is made up of very smart people who complement each other well to make the best strategic decisions. In addition, employees are consulted and actively contribute significantly to the collective intelligence of the company. The continual hiring of skilled creative and visionary personnel is a priority. At RobotShop, we are invested in a mission, and all who are part of this venture firmly believe in that mission.

You should also know that many experts foresee domestic robotics as the next major industrial phase that humanity will experience. Our campaigns have been launched ; we have launched research in the United States, Asia and Europe to create robotic services for everyone. Major funding has been made available by the government to promote research and development, thereby increasing the expertise in technology integration dedicated to domestic robotics. Robotic technology will be everywhere, both to address environmental disasters, for exploration on land or in space, or simply to improve the conditions of the lives of human beings.

What is your long-term goal, and what are your most cherished wishes concerning RobotShop? Are you looking for exponential growth or a takeover by a big company?

Let me personally hope that RobotShop will retain its own soul. You know, there are so many companies that exist only to take advantage of people and are only there for the money. RobotShop is a fine company that has a great mission. I would like to live in such a way that we can all be proud of, and that our children and grandchildren will be proud of. Maybe that’s why it should remain a privately owned firm. You know, at a time when we lose our greatest corporate emblems to the hands of foreigners, and when our governments are trying to save declining industries, it is difficult to predict the future. But I can give you a clue: money has never been my source of energy. It’s the achievement that pushes me forward, and now with the team that we have put in place, I believe we can accomplish a lot of good things. I hope that RobotShop continues its expansion and becomes one of the “success stories” of tomorrow.

Thanks, Mario, for giving me this interview.

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