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Zelist : a Directory WordPress Plugin (for WP 2.7 +)

Nice job from french man Malaiac who just launched a nice Directory WordPress plugin for Worpress 2.7 + :codename Zelist.

I was waiting exactly this kind of plugin for a while !!  (directory wp plugins already exist but they are not very cool. I hope Malaiac will give us Zeplugin and will be able to make it happen with time) !

Zelist works only with WordPress 2.7 and higher but Hey nice, WordPress 2.7 beta 1 just released.

I will wait for next versions because I don’t like so much alpha-beta versions…

To see the tool working, go to Zelist demo (french).

Nice add-on : you can also import an existing Freeglobes directory in Zelist.

I would love a Paypal integration and automatic tool to check reciprocal links. Would be nice in the Future.

Boost your Comment Count

Adding to Shoemoney’s post on 6 Easy Ways To Increase Your Comment Count

here is a summary with some additions:

  1. End your post with an open-ended question to start a discussion
  2. Reward your top commentators by linking to them : WordPress Plugin Show Top Commentators. I think to add a rel=”nofollow” for Google.
  3. Write opinionated posts, tell what you think and be who you are
  4. Use WordPress Plugin Subscribe to Comments to let your visitors subscribe to your comments by email (they receive a notification when a new response is posted)
  5. If you have already a lot of comments on your posts, you can install the WordPress Plugin Threaded Comments. It allows threaded comments like in forums or on Digg.
  6. Answer people’s comments. Show you are involved in the discussion and that at least you read their comment!
  7. Use WordPress Plugin Rate your comments that allows to vote for best comments like on Digg
  8. Display comments count on your blog. Comments attract comments.
  9. If you use Trackbacks, put them at the bottom, under your comments (personally I don’t use them, most of the time it’s spam)
  10. And the most important, Apply points 1 to 9 !!

More Ideas ?

7 Great Sites for WordPress Themes

As I am looking for a custom Worpress Theme for this blog, I found 7 ressources for templates (free, paid and custom).

Here are seven great links for custom wordpress themes:

  1. Templates For Sale at SitePoint Marketplace
  2. WordPress Templates at Digital Point Forums
  3. Free WordPress Templates
  4. Top Free WordPress Themes
  5. WordPress Themes Free
  6. Free WordPress Themes
  7. Unique Blog Designs (NEW)

Unique Blog Designs Team:

I will choose the 7th because of the two cute girls and the nice guy.

I need a custom wordpress theme

Well this theme is temporary. I would like a nice custom WordPress theme, if some designer is reading this please email me vincentabry@gmail.com or let your infos in comments.

Or if you know where I could have someone to do this, please tell me in comments.

Actually I like themes like these ones: (a good starting point)