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Safe Sex Passport for safe dating without STD

Safe Sex Passport

A Florida based company is launching the very first Safe Sex Passport that guarantees you that the person you meet online has no sexually transmitted disease (STD) like HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

The service is for people who are registered on dating websites.

To get your card you go to an affiliate laboratory and take the tests. Your results are sent by the lab to Safe Sex Passport (SSP) that gives you your passport.

“If you want to meet someone online, they can call a phone number and get the test results and test date for you, plus identification information so that they know for sure that you are really the person who was tested. In the old days, you had to take someone’s word for it when they said they had been tested and were in the clear. Now you can ask for proof.”

Safe Sex Passport has already 15 000 registered users and many dating websites expressed an interest in the service.

Official Launch: December 1. European launch: first quarter 2008.

A very lucrative business for SSP : it will cost you $ 300 for 6 months ($ 274 for renewals) !

At this costs, singles have to plan a special “dating” Budget.

With this Sex Card, are people going to get “crazy” or more responsibles ? Both I think 🙂

See the SSP Corporate Kit (PDF)