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Ginger Netvibes opens in beta

Out Netvibes, here comes Ginger.

Ginger is the new Netvibes with a social platform, 110 000 widgets, a network of contacts, an internal mail and the ability to create your own universes…

Netvibes gave beta test invitation codes everywhere on the web but this was very limited (100 invitations to the fastest people on Netvibes Blog, 500 on Techcrunch, 50 on Mashable,…) I did’nt have the chance to get one, so I won’t tell much more about Ginger.

Ginger Netvibes

Netvibes got his big buzz today when we see all bloggers talking about Ginger, especially in France.

Hey watch I’m talking about it even without invit! My god!

What Mashable says about it:

“One feature that looks to really make Netvibes more social is the 2GB of free storage space you’ll get as a registered user, giving you a box.net type of storage system for sharing documents via your start page. […] you’ll also be able to save blog posts, images and video for yourself. These items can be shared with friends, and will also appear in your personal timeline.”