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Google Knol against Wikipedia

Google is going to launch a similar service to Wikipedia in the next months : Google Knol (from the word “Knowledge“). The service is currently in very private beta.

People who are experts in their domain will be invited to write an authoritative article about it on Knol.

Like Wikipedia, Knol will be totally free and contributors will be able to make money from their articles with sharing ad revenues with Google. For example, see the screenshot below where you can see the Adsense Block:

Google Knol

(Click to enlarge)

Knol will be a online encyclopedia and will cover all subjects, from scientific topics to entertainment.

Contrary to Wikipedia that is a collaborative encyclopedia, Knol authors won’t be able to contribute anonymously neither edit the articles from other contributors.

So we are going to see (for the best) in the next year a war between Google Knol and Wikipedia, and between Google Search Engine and Search Wikia (open source Internet search engine, to which the community can contribute, by Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia).

Knol is not even public that Small Business SEM wrote an interesting article on 7 ways how to use Knol.