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IZEA Ranks ranking the blogs with its Real Rank


IZEARanks is a new ranking system by the same company that owns PayPerPost.

Izea doesn’t rank the blogs according to Google PR (Page Rank) but according to its own Real Rank.

RealRank isn’t based on PR, Alexa or Comscore but on Unique Visitors and according to influence a blog has among others in the blogosphere.

And as Izea Ranks clearly specifies, Real Rank is ONLY for Blogs. No other type of website is allowed in the ranking.

Contrary to PR where the formula is secretly kept by Google, Real Rank is totally OPEN:

RR = 0.7 * (Nb Uniques Visitors) + 0.2 * (Nb Inbound Links) + 0.1 * (Nb Pages Views)

or: 70% weighted towards visitors per day, 20% weighted towards amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day, 10% weighted towards pageviews per day.

Izea also provides a public API to webmasters and developers who want to pull RealRank, pageviews and visitors for any blog that participates in the site. (5000 websites in the Free edition).

RealRank and IZEA Toolkit (ITK) will play a huge role in the social and advertisers’ platform SocialSpark.

If you want to signup for Izea rank registration page is here.

Izea provides a Blog Top100 according to RR.

And here is the Izea Badge you can add on your blog: