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Nicolas Princen Appointed to Monitor Sarkozy Buzz

Nicolas Princen

It is the “Anti-Buzz” that has become the Buzz in France: Nicolas Princen, a 24-year-old graduate of HEC and the Ecole Normale, has been appointed by the Elysée to make sure he gathers everything that is said about French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the Web.

In other words, Princen will do some News Monitoring and will decide whether the Buzz on Nicolas Sarkozy is either good or bad.

Also, it is understood that if a blogger says something against the president, an attack to justice will follow. Wow. It’s another step towards the death of Web 2.0 and blogs on celebrities.

Bloggers, it is time for you to recycle somewhere else: soon you will not be able to say anything without fear of prosecution. Nicolas Princen will sue all blogs and online media that releases false rumors about Nicolas Sarkozy.

By “attacking,” it is not yet clear whether this includes formal notice or a direct summons to court.

Some people took this news with humor by creating a page on Facebook, declaring that Nicolas Princen is “sexy”. The page already has almost 200 members.

Princen, definitely a name to remember. A future Loic Le Meur, perhaps? (The story did not say whether Nicolas Princen planned to hire someone to monitor everything that is said on the Web about himself… ; -)

Carla Bruni Wedding

wedding carla bruni sarkozy

Here we go!! Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy celebrated their wedding this morning in Elysee Palace in Paris.

Miss Carla Bruni-Tedeschi 40 years old and Mister Nicolas Sarkozy 53 years old got married discreetly this morning, a civil wedding that was officiliased by Mayor of 8th urban district François Lebel.

3rd wedding for Sarkozy and this is the first time a french president get married with a Celebrity.

At least we don’t get bored with this president! Thank you Nicolas!

Despite all the critics he had, I think that they are a cute pair. Best wishes of happiness!

Nicolas Sarkozy has 3 boys and Carla Bruni one 6-year old son. She is a singer, model and daughter of a rich italian family.

wedding carla bruniwedding nicolas sarkozy

Carla Bruni is not pregnant

Carla Bruni Pregnant

A new rumor is striking the blogosphere and American Blogger Perez Hilton, British DailyMail and French/US Celebrities Weblogs are already on the case.

But NO Carla Bruni is not pregnant with Nicolas Sarkozy.

It’s just a french blogger that has put a rumor on a weblog hosted by a online newspaper (20minutes.fr) and this appeared in Google News France.

All the rumor says is that Carla Bruni would have been seen in US Neuilly Hospital.

I rather think that Carla has gone in this hospital to have a intrauterine device 🙂

So After the rumor Bruni and Sarkozy get married secretly on this last thursday, the most famous french president is in the Top News Again!!!

Carla Sarkozy : a Wedding in February

Carla Sarkozy Bruni

Carla Bruni could soon be called Carla Sarkozy according to french paper le journal du dimanche that writes about a Wedding on February 9, 2008.

The new couple between French President and Singer/Actress Bruni said they “can’t wait no longer to get married”.

Nicolas Sarkozy would already have asked Bruni’s hand to her mother.

Sarkozy recently introduced his girlfriend to ministers at a party in The Élysée Palace.

U-Turn – AaRON (Lili) Song

One of my favorite songs from France is… in english!

U-Turn “Lili” by french guys Olivier Coursier and Simon Buret from AaRON (“Artificial animals riding on neverland“).

This is actually the theme song of the french movie “Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas” by Philippe Lioret.

I would like to know from you guys from US, UK, … does this song also sounds good for english natives ? Tell me !

Lyrics below.

Official website: www. aaronwebsite .com

Aaron – U-Turn (Lili) Lyrics :

Lili,take another walk out of your fake world
please put all the drugs out of your hand
you’ll see that you can breathe without no back up
so much stuff you’ve got to understand

for every step in any walk
any town of any thought
i’ll be your guide

for every street of any scene
any place you’ve never been
i’ll be your guide

lili,you know there’s still a place for people like us
the same blood runs in every hand
you see it’s not the wings that make the angel
just have to move the bats out of your head

for every step in any walk
any town of any thought
i’ll be your guide

for every street of any scene
any place you’ve never been
i’ll be your guide

lili,easy as a kiss we’ll find an answer
put all your fears back in the shade
don’t become a ghost without no colour
cause you’re the best paint life ever made

for every step in any walk
any town of any thought
i’ll be your guide

for every street of any scene
any place you’ve never been
i’ll be your guide

France is going to punish P2P download

Denis Olivennes

A report from Denis Olivennes, CEO of Fnac.com has been signed this Friday by the french government of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The pact was signed between french government and about 40 associations from Music, Cinema, Television and Internet Service Providers (ISP). However this agreement has been very criticised by french Assembly.

Among the artists who support Olivennes Friday: Thomas Fersen, Patrick Bruel, Calogero, Didier Barbelivien, Jean Reno et Christian Clavier.

Internet users are just starting to discuss about this agreement and it is going to be huge in the blogosphere and medias.

Denis Olivennes : “[…] J’ajoute qu’en l’occurrence, il est précisément question de tout sauf de prison ! Suspendre l’abonnement après trois avertissements, ce n’est ni une condamnation, ni une amende ni une peine de prison […]”
(translation: “It is everything but jail. Suspend internet access after three warnings is not a conviction, a ticket or jail”)

The pact plans to send a notice to the internet user after three P2P downloads. If the user does it again, he won’t have access to internet (done by ISP) and he could be put on a blacklist.

So the internet user won’t be able to connect to the internet!

Sarkozy said: « J’avais pris des engagements sur le droit d’auteur avant les élections. Chaque artiste doit voir son travail rémunéré, je ne transigerai pas sur ce point. »
(translation: “I took the pledge on copyrights before the elections. Every artist should see his work paid. I won’t compromise over this.”)

And : “We run the risk of witnessing a genuine destruction of culture”

“The Internet must not become a high-tech Far West, a lawless zone where outlaws can pillage works with abandon or, worse, trade in them in total impunity. And on whose backs? On artists’ backs” he said.

But currently the law is not applied and even if it’s applied one day, we are going to see other alternatives for illegal music and movies downloading.

And besides how could the independent authority technically detect automatically the P2P downloads ?

And what about the prices in France if a lot of people P2P download ?

Here in Canada I pay CAD$ 3.99 to rent a DVD. When I was in France in the previous months it was about CAD$6.75 (4.50€).
And it’s the same for CD. It’s about 30% more expensive in France than in Canada.

May be a drop in prices could help a little the entire industry?

Disappointment for PS3 in France

Sony PS3

Yesterday, Sony was officially launching the PS3 in Paris, France.

It was not really like in the US or in Japan..

Sony rent a boat specially for the event. They were waiting for 3000 fans and 1000 Playsation were available for sale.

Only 100 fans bought the PS3..

Besides Sony was really unlucky when a Microsoft’s Boat just appeared on “La Seine” with the message “XBox 360 Love You