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Digg users could move to Mixx


Social News Site Mixx.com could be the Digg-killer.

Mixx Beta launched on September 20 and is founded by Chris McGill, General Manager of Yahoo News and VP Strategy at USA Today.

Mixx is a mix of Digg, LinkedIn and MyYahoo.

According to Techcrunch, a lot of people are leaving digg for Mixx. And especially ex top-diggers like Greg Davies.

Even a digg forum refugees has opened on Mixx message boards.

But why is Mixx so different from Digg ?

A lot of users are discussing about conspiracy and buried stories on Digg.

On Mixx, many users have already had a very good experience with their submissions voted on and see more positive audience and comments. Mixx users are free and seem to have good education.

I am going to test this new website right now! I will see if what everybody is talking about is true. I can just say my experience on Digg is not very conclusive because if you have not a lot of friend among top diggers your story will never go on the homepage.

Other Good Digg-like I use and that are better than Digg: Reddit, Shoutwire, Sphinn and Propeller.

New Digg is Live!

At the time I write these few lines, I can only see this black screen ; when you will see this page New Digg will probably be live!

Ok here it is, I can see mainly esthetic changes:

Explanations from Kevin Rose here in Video on the New Digg’s Blog