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John Chow: Big Blogger but simple, cool guy

I like Chow. First because he is canadian ;- 0

But also because even if he earns 30 to 40 000 US dollars monthly with his blog, this guy keeps life simple.

See him with his baby girl outside, walking and playing. Money, Time, Family. Good life!

Here is the Chow Video:

Blogged rates your blogs

Blogged is a new editorial service that review your blogs.

Be rated and rate other bloggers!

This blog has a rating of 7.4/10.

See Widget that you can add:

Abry.biz at Blogged

Top Rankings and Blog Rank by Twingly

Twingly Blog Rank

European blog search engine Twingly just released its own Blog Rankings in 12 languages: Top 100 Blogs.

Twingly wants to be the first spam free blog search engine. No Spam blogs they said.

And they invented the Blog Rank, similar to the Google Page Rank but for blogs.

My French blog is ranked 85 in top blogs french rankings with a BR 7.

Ping your blog here: http://www.twingly.com/ping

JohnCow.com was sold for $50,000

JohnCow.com Blog was just sold today for $50,000. (This blog is different from John Chow).

John Cow started on July 1st, 2007. After only 9 months online, this website got exposure in tech, marketing and Make Money Online blogs.

The author does not give really a reason for selling his blog except that he is moving from Europe to Australia and that his personal life will be busy.

John Cow’s Blog was for sale (since Thursday) between $25 000 and $50 000 dollars on Sitepoint.

Revenue: $2500 $ per month. (not bad!)

Feedburner readers: 1631

Monthly Unique Visitors: 40 000.

Other details:

  • PageRank 3
  • Alexa 22,100
  • Compete 41,020
  • Technorati 1696, Autority 1457
  • 382 posts
  • 47,412 Backlinks (Yahoo!)
  • 2,830 indexed pages (Google)

TechCzar Made Me An Offer


TechCzar made me an offer for my french blog vincentabry.com, but I am not very excited about it. VincentAbry.com currently received 350,000 unique visitors for March 2008.

(note: this blog Abry.biz is now adapted in english from vincentabry.com by Catherine)

TechCzar, a company I had never heard of, approached me two weeks ago to offer me a partnership with their firm and to become part of their network of blogs.

The offer would have resulted in a monthly cash income plus a free translation blog, available in nine languages.

The idea did seem attractive because there is a big name behind three blogs that are currently part of the network there: Jeremy Zawodny, the MySQL Guru at Yahoo. Its Blog is a top blog ranked among the top100 Cnet tech blogs.

Becoming part of TechCzar would also broaden the audience here, but I hesitated due to several things: first, each site does not take responsibility for its own translation — instead, they appear on TechCzar (Jeremy’s example is in French).

In addition, the header isn’t really impressive…and also, I wondered, what’s about SEO with a header ?

Finally, I considered the impact that such a partnership would have on the readership of this blog. Not sure.

Well even if the team at TechCzar appears to be truly serious and professional, for the moment I do not want to take the risk. I would prefer a partnership with a less intrusive and more fluid logo/header.

What do you think?

Note: Despite the Russian inscription on the logo, the company is based in California.

Nicolas Princen Appointed to Monitor Sarkozy Buzz

Nicolas Princen

It is the “Anti-Buzz” that has become the Buzz in France: Nicolas Princen, a 24-year-old graduate of HEC and the Ecole Normale, has been appointed by the Elysée to make sure he gathers everything that is said about French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the Web.

In other words, Princen will do some News Monitoring and will decide whether the Buzz on Nicolas Sarkozy is either good or bad.

Also, it is understood that if a blogger says something against the president, an attack to justice will follow. Wow. It’s another step towards the death of Web 2.0 and blogs on celebrities.

Bloggers, it is time for you to recycle somewhere else: soon you will not be able to say anything without fear of prosecution. Nicolas Princen will sue all blogs and online media that releases false rumors about Nicolas Sarkozy.

By “attacking,” it is not yet clear whether this includes formal notice or a direct summons to court.

Some people took this news with humor by creating a page on Facebook, declaring that Nicolas Princen is “sexy”. The page already has almost 200 members.

Princen, definitely a name to remember. A future Loic Le Meur, perhaps? (The story did not say whether Nicolas Princen planned to hire someone to monitor everything that is said on the Web about himself… ; -)

Boost your Comment Count

Adding to Shoemoney’s post on 6 Easy Ways To Increase Your Comment Count

here is a summary with some additions:

  1. End your post with an open-ended question to start a discussion
  2. Reward your top commentators by linking to them : WordPress Plugin Show Top Commentators. I think to add a rel=”nofollow” for Google.
  3. Write opinionated posts, tell what you think and be who you are
  4. Use WordPress Plugin Subscribe to Comments to let your visitors subscribe to your comments by email (they receive a notification when a new response is posted)
  5. If you have already a lot of comments on your posts, you can install the WordPress Plugin Threaded Comments. It allows threaded comments like in forums or on Digg.
  6. Answer people’s comments. Show you are involved in the discussion and that at least you read their comment!
  7. Use WordPress Plugin Rate your comments that allows to vote for best comments like on Digg
  8. Display comments count on your blog. Comments attract comments.
  9. If you use Trackbacks, put them at the bottom, under your comments (personally I don’t use them, most of the time it’s spam)
  10. And the most important, Apply points 1 to 9 !!

More Ideas ?

Blogentrepreneur For Sale

Blogentrepreneur is for sale.

This Marketing/SEO/Entrepreneurship weblog has great numbers for October 2007 (especially impressive ratio dollars/visitors)

  • Unique Visitors: 6,500 (figure is growing monthly)
  • Pageviews: 10,600 (1.3 per visitor)
  • RSS Daily Readers: 900+

and good revenues :

  • Text Link Ads – $234.63
  • ReviewMe – $125
  • Affiliate Revenue – $105
  • Private Text Links – $65
  • Private Post Level Links – $29.20
  • Private Image Ad – $70

Total: 628.83 $ for october.

Adnan is leaving the Blogosphere after his “experiment to see whether the internet was an avenue forward in terms of making money online, and forming new friendships, gathering a loyal crowd of readers and using technology for progress”.

“Whilst this is not the time for a full explanation (which will come in the next few days), it is with great regret and sorrow that I announce that I’m leaving the blogosphere, and have decided to put Blogtrepreneur.com – my flagship blog – up for sale.”

Good Luck Man.

$132 994 from Adsense in 1 month

Blogger and Webmaster Jeremy Schoemaker aka “Shoemoney” answered questions on his blog about the famous picture where he is holding a $ 132 994.97 Google Adsense Check.

Check is real even if it’s hard to believe (click to enlarge) :

Shoemoney Adsense Check

It was for the month August 2005 and we can see the full month report from AdSense (he has permission from Google to display CTR and eCPM rates) : (click to enlarge)

August 2005 Shoemoney Adsense

– revenues were made on his website Nextpimp.com (Wallpapers and Free Ringtones)

– it’s 100% user generated content (494 000 members)

– at the time his expenses were 1 server @ 299$ per month for hosting, so it’s at least 130k profit.

– none of traffic was PPC (Pay Per Click) but was 70% from direct access, 15% from search engines and 15% from referrals

– stats : 75 000 uniques visitors per day

– to the question Do you think its possible to still earn that kind of revenue? (most often asked question), Jeremy answers : YES.

– Shoemoney never tried to make any money the first 1.5 years it was running. He just concentrated on providing a good service. About 2 years after he started the site he started to do good revenue from AdSense

Insane, no ?! these nice pics make me living again… even if people like “Shoemoney” are not a lot in this world…

And see, there is more to come: Shoemoney says that Adsense earnings only count for 5% of his total revenue on his websites.

In october Shoemoney’s blog gave him $ 30 000 in direct sales (advertising logos, banners).

In march 2007 he earned $ 709 626.81 as an affiliate of Commission Junction.

Shoemoney Commission Junction

Back to Adsense Check, when I look on comments in the post, Shoemoney says:

“I have a good friend that was doing about 2M per month.. so that would be about 65k per day so yes 100k every few days for sure is possible”

The guy who is speaking about must be Marcus from Plentyoffish.com (2 millions unique visitors per day!)

So I am going to bed now and I will put Shoemoney’s Adsense Check just above my bed.. may be it will bring me success…

2000 bloggers on a page: Hurry Up!

2000 blogueurs

Monday morning Buzz: if you are a blogger and want to be included in Tino Buntic’s page, 1000 places still available but not for long..

The End of Weblogs in early 2007

According to Gartner Group, weblogs will be at their top in the first half of 2007.

There will have about 100 million blogs. According to Gartner most of people who wanted to create a weblog already did it and there would have about 200 million of weblogs closed or ex-bloggers.

On the other hand this peak of weblogs could give more maturity for better commercial opportunities.