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Disney monorail crash

Disney World monorail accident kills driver in Orlando Florida.

Here is a photo of accident:

disney monorail crash

Monte Carlo fire in Las Vegas

Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas is on fire today.

Guests and staff evacuated the 3,000-room Hotel and Resort.

There are no serious injuries but some people suffered for smoke inhalation.

Monte Carlo Casino is owned by MGM Mirage, one of the largest Casino Operators.

Here is the video of fire in Las Vegas Monte Carlo Casino:

Casino Fire Video:

Smurfs are 50 years old

Smurfs Village

Smurfs are fifty years old in 2008.

The tiny blue figures were created by Peyo (Pierre Culliford) in 1958.

For their 50 years, organizers are planning a 3-D animation film, new comic book collections and a remastered release of the popular 1980s television animated series.

The European birthday tour will start in Brussels and then in Paris and Berlin.
Originally called “Schtroumpfs” in french they were later called “Smurfs” in english, “Pitufo” in spanish, “Schlumpf” in german, “Nam Ching Ling” in chinese and “Sumafa” in japanese.

Peyo died in 1992 but his smurfs are still alive in our hearts, more than ever.

Carla Sarkozy : a Wedding in February

Carla Sarkozy Bruni

Carla Bruni could soon be called Carla Sarkozy according to french paper le journal du dimanche that writes about a Wedding on February 9, 2008.

The new couple between French President and Singer/Actress Bruni said they “can’t wait no longer to get married”.

Nicolas Sarkozy would already have asked Bruni’s hand to her mother.

Sarkozy recently introduced his girlfriend to ministers at a party in The Élysée Palace.

Carla Bruni and French President Sarkozy

Singer and ex-model Carla Bruni is dating French President Nicolas Sarkozy : it looks like it is official. Sarkozy already asked Bruni to marry him! They have been seen on Sunday in Disneyland Parc in Paris, France.

It looks like it is the very BIG Buzz this week in France.

They are making the cover of several people magazines like Paris-Match, Closer Mag, Point de Vue,…

Carla Bruni is 39 years old. She was born in Turin, Italia in 1968. She wrote the album Si j’étais elle for Julien Clerc in 2000 and then she made her first album Quelqu’un m’a dit in 2002.

Here is a video showing the Bruni Sarkozy Couple in Paris’ Disneyland:

Photo of the couple in cover of Point de Vue:

Carla Bruni Point de Vue

Closer Mag Pics of Bruni Sarkozy:

Closer Bruni Sarkozy

Closer Mag Sarkozi Bruni

And you are wondering what Carla Bruni really looks like ? Here are great photos of the Sexy model Bruni below.

French Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni bikini

Carla Bruni Pic

Carla Bruni nude

Carla Bruni swimming suit

Carla Bruni nude

Carla Bruni sexy

Carla Bruni nude

Sexy french bruni

Carla Bruni bella

Sexy Carla Bruni image

Photo Carla Bruni

Safe Sex Passport for safe dating without STD

Safe Sex Passport

A Florida based company is launching the very first Safe Sex Passport that guarantees you that the person you meet online has no sexually transmitted disease (STD) like HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

The service is for people who are registered on dating websites.

To get your card you go to an affiliate laboratory and take the tests. Your results are sent by the lab to Safe Sex Passport (SSP) that gives you your passport.

“If you want to meet someone online, they can call a phone number and get the test results and test date for you, plus identification information so that they know for sure that you are really the person who was tested. In the old days, you had to take someone’s word for it when they said they had been tested and were in the clear. Now you can ask for proof.”

Safe Sex Passport has already 15 000 registered users and many dating websites expressed an interest in the service.

Official Launch: December 1. European launch: first quarter 2008.

A very lucrative business for SSP : it will cost you $ 300 for 6 months ($ 274 for renewals) !

At this costs, singles have to plan a special “dating” Budget.

With this Sex Card, are people going to get “crazy” or more responsibles ? Both I think 🙂

See the SSP Corporate Kit (PDF)

Italian buyer won 3.8 million bid of Albert, Texas

Albert Texas Alber Town Texas

A buyer in Italy placed the winning $3.8 million bid of the ghost town of Albert in Texas, about 60 miles north of San Antonio.

Current’s owner of Albert is now checking the identity of the italian buyer.

Cave, a real estate agent, said the town’s population consisted of himself and a groundsman at weekends.

The 13-acre town of Albert also includes a tavern opened on weekends. (see photo)

The reserve price for the town was $2.5 million on eBay. Cave said he had several serious buyers for his town.

See Video of Albert Town, Texas on CNN.