New Montreal Logo : nice or not ?

(images 24heures et CanoƩ)

$ 487 000 for the New Montreal logo. It will represent Montreal city around the world.

200 000 dollars will be added to promote it.

For the price I hope it must be nice! Ok not so bad, no ?


One thought on “New Montreal Logo : nice or not ?

  1. Haven’t we learned a lesson from the “stolen” kiss logo for Montreal in the early 90s?
    You can read about it in The Gazette from February 13, 1993. The Montrealers paid the
    artist $ 30.000.00 for the outstanding copied idea which belonged to the former capital of Bonn/Germany. We repeated the same in the West of Canada in 2009 – to be precise in Kelowna, B.C. – Are we really that naive to make the same mistake in Montreal and now for
    over $ 400.000.00 ? The logo is extremely ugly.
    I wonder if I can apply to design the next logo for Montreal?! I could do it for a more reasonable

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