New Jackass 2.5 Live on the WEB December 19

Jackass 2.5

Jackass 2.5 will be launched exclusively on the Internet December 19, 2007.

This New Jackass will include new stunts and old ones that were never been shown before.

It will be available on the Web for Free for 2 weeks, from december 19 to 31 with ads, or in paid version if you want to download after this.

According to Paramount Pictures, this is a perfect release on the web for many people who already watch a lot of stunt/jokes videos on Youtube.

I’m looking forward to watch this on next Wednesday, Johnny Knoxville and his friends. I know Jackass is very idiot but I like it because it is idiot 🙂

For those who still don’t know : here is Jackass on Wikipedia.

Here is the Official Jackass 2.5 Trailer (They are Back!) :

Official Website : www. jackassworld .com