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Barbecue Time

Ducane Barbecue

The weather was good this weekend in Montreal. It was like the sun in California, which we haven’t seen here in a long time.

It’s great! The streets were filled with so many people: pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars were everywhere.

OK, it was only 9 degrees Celsius, but apart from that, it was like … spring 😉

I took the opportunity to buy an indispensable accessory that all good Quebecers must have: a Barbecue grill. I was looking for a large electric one, but it was impossible to find.

So I decided to buy this nice Ducane propane (a trademark owned by Weber, it seems). It’s a pretty durable piece of equipment if someone does not steal it to me. Still, I added a string and a cable.

Here I am, ready for the summer season! Summer, I am waiting!

Here are two pretty steaks sprinkled with onion soup mix, a delight!

barbecue steacks

TechCzar Made Me An Offer


TechCzar made me an offer for my french blog, but I am not very excited about it. currently received 350,000 unique visitors for March 2008.

(note: this blog is now adapted in english from by Catherine)

TechCzar, a company I had never heard of, approached me two weeks ago to offer me a partnership with their firm and to become part of their network of blogs.

The offer would have resulted in a monthly cash income plus a free translation blog, available in nine languages.

The idea did seem attractive because there is a big name behind three blogs that are currently part of the network there: Jeremy Zawodny, the MySQL Guru at Yahoo. Its Blog is a top blog ranked among the top100 Cnet tech blogs.

Becoming part of TechCzar would also broaden the audience here, but I hesitated due to several things: first, each site does not take responsibility for its own translation — instead, they appear on TechCzar (Jeremy’s example is in French).

In addition, the header isn’t really impressive…and also, I wondered, what’s about SEO with a header ?

Finally, I considered the impact that such a partnership would have on the readership of this blog. Not sure.

Well even if the team at TechCzar appears to be truly serious and professional, for the moment I do not want to take the risk. I would prefer a partnership with a less intrusive and more fluid logo/header.

What do you think?

Note: Despite the Russian inscription on the logo, the company is based in California.

Looking for french to english translators for Blog

I’m looking for english native people (US, UK) to translate my french tech blog into english in this one

Work is on a regular basis.

I can pay between 5 to 10$ per post. About 5 posts per week.

Please email me at vincentabry (at)

Happy New Year 2008 with Google and TCP/IP !!

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a wonderful year 2008 !!

See the nice Google Logo for 2008. This a TCP/IP cable. TCP/IP was adopted by ARPANET on a January 1 (in 1983). ARPANET gave birth to Internet this same day.

Google Logo 2008

Happy New Year

Advertise on this blog

After 1 month of full blogging for this new Blog, is now receiving about 75,000 page views for one month (and 50,000 unique visitors).

So I am starting now to sell advertising spaces at very small prices. These prices should increase in the next months with the growing audience, so consider to advertise right now at frozen prices for 4 months!

Check this:

  • A big banner 728 x 90 on the top, just above the content (where the current 728 x 90 adsense banner is located) : $60 for 1 month.
  • A 200 x 150 on top right sidebar (between the google search form and “Popular Articles”): $20 per month
  • A 200 x 150 on bottom right sidebar (where the entrecard banner is located): $10 per month

For other type of advertsing, please contact me at vincentabry @

I need a custom wordpress theme

Well this theme is temporary. I would like a nice custom WordPress theme, if some designer is reading this please email me or let your infos in comments.

Or if you know where I could have someone to do this, please tell me in comments.

Actually I like themes like these ones: (a good starting point) 

Goodbye Montreal

Montreal Video by Night, with cab driver and blogger Pierre Leon from “Un Taxi la Nuit“.

Back to France for me..

Music by Leonard Cohen.

Server Migration on Surfons Saturday October 14, 2006

Read more here

New Personalized Search Homepage

Here it is the personalized search startpage of nearly one month after the first release:

Register it’s free and easy. You will have access to the following services:

-Add/delete search engines (about 140 for both languages)

-Add/edit your favorite links per category

-Add RSS Feeds among the suggested list or add your own feeds

-Your login gives you access to both languages websites that you can administer independantly

-See and share the most popular RSS Feeds with the latest feeds added

The current version is still in development and beta so feel free to make your comments..

Also we experience temporary hosting problems, so I ask you to be patient..