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Umoo : Stock Trading Game

Umoo is a new online stock trading Game.

The company calls it Financial Entertainment.


Webmasters, sign-up to the Affiliate Program and earn money.

Top 30 Web Richest Entrepreneurs

Retire@21 just published a Top30 of Web Young Entrepreneurs according to the Annual Turnover.

At the top we find Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook with $700 millions, Andrew Gower from Runescape with $650 millions, Blake Ross and David Hyatt from Mozilla with $120 millions and Chad Hurley from Youtube with 85 millions.

It is interesting to see the presence of Mario Lavandeira’s Weblog (Perez Hilton) with $3 millions and Ryan Block from Engadget with $20 millions.

Top30 Richest Web Entrepreneurs

source: Retire@21

How to Make Money Online: 16 types of Websites

I found this post like a start to make money online.

First one from DoshDosh tells you how to Build an Online Empire with 16 Types of Websites You Can Create for Profit.

This is a good starting point. What I retain is:

Adsense, Affiliate and Paid Membership.

If you choose the Adsense way, subscribe to Adsense Blog

If you choose the Affiliate way, then add to your rss reader The 10 Top Affiliate Blogs of 2007

If you choose the Paid Membership way, then read Building Paid Membership Sites for Money: Teaching Sells Review

Earn Money from your Blog

Problogger just posted the results of his Survey on How Much Money Do Bloggers Earn Blogging?” (for month of October)

On 3054 responses, 855 (28%) don’t earn money, nothing, nada.

2199 bloggers (72%) are making money from their blog.

Among these 72% :

  • 572 (26%) earn under $10 per month
  • 264 (12%) earn between $10 and $29
  • 286 (13%) earn between $30 and $99
  • 418 (19%) earn between $100 and $499
  • 176 (8%) earn between $500 and $999
  • 88 (4%) earn between $1000 and $1499
  • 66 (3%) earn between $1500 and $2499
  • 88 (4%) earn between $2500 and $4999
  • 44 (2%) earn between $5000 and $9999
  • 22 (1%) earn between $10 000 and $14 999
  • 198 (9%) earn more than $15 000 per month

Here the pie chart for bloggers making money (72%):

Blog Earning Pie Charts


On total answers (3054), 65% are making nothing or under $100 per month. (28% nothing, 37% under $100)
35% are making more than 100$ per month, on these 9% are making more than $15 000 per month (huge)

So is a blog a good way for making money ?

YES if you are a High-Traffic weblog or a Top Blogger.
NO if you spend a lot of time blogging and you make less than 100$ per month.

You can earn more money by setting up a classic website and not spending as many hours as you would on a blog…

Do your maths.

Personally I love Blogging, it’s a Lifestyle.

Blogentrepreneur For Sale

Blogentrepreneur is for sale.

This Marketing/SEO/Entrepreneurship weblog has great numbers for October 2007 (especially impressive ratio dollars/visitors)

  • Unique Visitors: 6,500 (figure is growing monthly)
  • Pageviews: 10,600 (1.3 per visitor)
  • RSS Daily Readers: 900+

and good revenues :

  • Text Link Ads – $234.63
  • ReviewMe – $125
  • Affiliate Revenue – $105
  • Private Text Links – $65
  • Private Post Level Links – $29.20
  • Private Image Ad – $70

Total: 628.83 $ for october.

Adnan is leaving the Blogosphere after his “experiment to see whether the internet was an avenue forward in terms of making money online, and forming new friendships, gathering a loyal crowd of readers and using technology for progress”.

“Whilst this is not the time for a full explanation (which will come in the next few days), it is with great regret and sorrow that I announce that I’m leaving the blogosphere, and have decided to put – my flagship blog – up for sale.”

Good Luck Man.

Phototrade : Make Money with your photos

Phototrade is a new web service that allows you to make money by sharing your images and photos online.

The website is currently in beta and on invitations only (one invit to give, email me to or register on phototrade to be notified)

First when you are invited on Phototrade here is your Dashboard when you are registered:

Phototrade 1

Then you upload your pics via the online tool:

Phototrade share photos

And here what a typical hosted page looks like:

Phototrade make money

And you start making money with your photos by CPM and Adsense sharing revenue.

You can also sell your photos: (you set the price)

See video of Phototrade at Blogworld Expo, by Shoemoney:

Now it’s probably a good way to get paid for your photos when I see the number of visits I get from Google on my pics.

We’ll see in the future how Phototrade perform.

The negative aspect is that we are getting dependant from this kind of service as a free webhosting. What will happen if they close ??