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France is going to punish P2P download

Denis Olivennes

A report from Denis Olivennes, CEO of has been signed this Friday by the french government of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The pact was signed between french government and about 40 associations from Music, Cinema, Television and Internet Service Providers (ISP). However this agreement has been very criticised by french Assembly.

Among the artists who support Olivennes Friday: Thomas Fersen, Patrick Bruel, Calogero, Didier Barbelivien, Jean Reno et Christian Clavier.

Internet users are just starting to discuss about this agreement and it is going to be huge in the blogosphere and medias.

Denis Olivennes : “[…] J’ajoute qu’en l’occurrence, il est précisément question de tout sauf de prison ! Suspendre l’abonnement après trois avertissements, ce n’est ni une condamnation, ni une amende ni une peine de prison […]”
(translation: “It is everything but jail. Suspend internet access after three warnings is not a conviction, a ticket or jail”)

The pact plans to send a notice to the internet user after three P2P downloads. If the user does it again, he won’t have access to internet (done by ISP) and he could be put on a blacklist.

So the internet user won’t be able to connect to the internet!

Sarkozy said: « J’avais pris des engagements sur le droit d’auteur avant les élections. Chaque artiste doit voir son travail rémunéré, je ne transigerai pas sur ce point. »
(translation: “I took the pledge on copyrights before the elections. Every artist should see his work paid. I won’t compromise over this.”)

And : “We run the risk of witnessing a genuine destruction of culture”

“The Internet must not become a high-tech Far West, a lawless zone where outlaws can pillage works with abandon or, worse, trade in them in total impunity. And on whose backs? On artists’ backs” he said.

But currently the law is not applied and even if it’s applied one day, we are going to see other alternatives for illegal music and movies downloading.

And besides how could the independent authority technically detect automatically the P2P downloads ?

And what about the prices in France if a lot of people P2P download ?

Here in Canada I pay CAD$ 3.99 to rent a DVD. When I was in France in the previous months it was about CAD$6.75 (4.50€).
And it’s the same for CD. It’s about 30% more expensive in France than in Canada.

May be a drop in prices could help a little the entire industry?

Italian buyer won 3.8 million bid of Albert, Texas

Albert Texas Alber Town Texas

A buyer in Italy placed the winning $3.8 million bid of the ghost town of Albert in Texas, about 60 miles north of San Antonio.

Current’s owner of Albert is now checking the identity of the italian buyer.

Cave, a real estate agent, said the town’s population consisted of himself and a groundsman at weekends.

The 13-acre town of Albert also includes a tavern opened on weekends. (see photo)

The reserve price for the town was $2.5 million on eBay. Cave said he had several serious buyers for his town.

See Video of Albert Town, Texas on CNN.

Why Google is exploding

Pamela Anderson

The new 100 most useful sites by Guardian

The Guardian just released its top100 most useful websites.

Server Migration on Surfons Saturday October 14, 2006

Read more here

New Personalized Search Homepage

Here it is the personalized search startpage of nearly one month after the first release:

Register it’s free and easy. You will have access to the following services:

-Add/delete search engines (about 140 for both languages)

-Add/edit your favorite links per category

-Add RSS Feeds among the suggested list or add your own feeds

-Your login gives you access to both languages websites that you can administer independantly

-See and share the most popular RSS Feeds with the latest feeds added

The current version is still in development and beta so feel free to make your comments..

Also we experience temporary hosting problems, so I ask you to be patient..

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