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Man driving a broken Bus

This bus is broken but it does not disturb the driver.

I think it’s in India.

First Dog-Cat Match

This is the official first Dog-Cat couple ever.

The wedding is planned this month and the new lovers are so excited about this.

I wish them a long life with love and many kids 🙂

This is one of the most cute animals videos I saw:

The Loving Cat-Dog Video:

Smoking can seriously damage your health

One last cigarette ?

A much-neglected health risk for smokers…

Miss America in 1 pic

I miss America…

I Miss America

Extreme Sliding 2007

Extreme Sliding 2007 was an event sponsored by Legacy Equity Group.

It was a huge slip n slide with a jump at the bottom which sent you soaring into Lake Mead.

“The event was a huge success as over 150 people were in attendance.”

Paramedics drop a patient from ambulance

This patient must be stunned after leaving the ambulance so quickly.

I hope for him that he was not too injured before.

This kind of methods can easily wake up everybody…

Reddit Algorithm Explained

Here is the secret revealed: Why and How Reddit works or how a post makes the frontpage.

This secret was initially revealed on a Digg’s story but I suspect the image below to be actually the explanation of Digg Algorithm.

Warning: this is humor, via Digg Reddit.


A man with 100 voices

This young man impersonates 100 different voices in 5 minutes without any breaks.

A quite impressive and funny exercise of impersonation.

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Speaks Out (Humor)

Britney’s Sister, Jamie Lynn Spears just decided to speak out about her pregnancy.

Warning : this is HUMOR and it’s so cute 🙂

New Jackass 2.5 Live on the WEB December 19

Jackass 2.5

Jackass 2.5 will be launched exclusively on the Internet December 19, 2007.

This New Jackass will include new stunts and old ones that were never been shown before.

It will be available on the Web for Free for 2 weeks, from december 19 to 31 with ads, or in paid version if you want to download after this.

According to Paramount Pictures, this is a perfect release on the web for many people who already watch a lot of stunt/jokes videos on Youtube.

I’m looking forward to watch this on next Wednesday, Johnny Knoxville and his friends. I know Jackass is very idiot but I like it because it is idiot 🙂

For those who still don’t know : here is Jackass on Wikipedia.

Here is the Official Jackass 2.5 Trailer (They are Back!) :

Official Website : www. jackassworld .com

The Very Funny Cat Story

VeRy FuNNy CaTs Vr1.

For cat lovers, here is the new video buzz: Cute funny and dancing cats.

These Ain’t no normal cats!

Pictures like these found on 4chan and 7chan.

You’ll never see cats as you did before.

Kent French : 721 Claps per minute

This guy is crazy. Kent French has the world record of claps per minute : 721.

So Funny.

Why Google is exploding

Pamela Anderson

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