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The Tinder : Official Movie [Parody]

It’s like The Social Network trailer except if it is Tinder, an app that will make things happen.

Note : Tinder is a social dating app for singles looking for some adventures.

Buzz Aldrin Punch

Buzz Aldrin Boxing (punch) on Bart Sibrel who thinks Apollo 11 never gone on the moon…

Remi Gaillard War

Remi Gaillard is a french man, totally insane..

See here:

Cat sit on the bed

What a cool cat, just look at his position on the bed.. Cat chilling on the bed:

Video of First Person Shooter Disorder

This is a joke hopefully, First Person Shooter Disorder when you play too much at Duke Nukem

Body Painting from Air New Zealand

A very cool company, Airlines Air New Zealand, with naked employees, hum rather bodypainting

Crazy Dog bites man

Crazy dog bites man.

Woman Owner said: “I suffer when he bites me in vagina”.. He get so crazy when he sees other dogs..
“He bites the labrador on his penis”

Well, euhhh enough 🙂 just watch:

Dance Video Obama and McCain

Here is a comic video of President Barack Obama and John McCain dancing ! 🙂

Sarah Palin Got Pranked by Nicolas Sarkozy

Nice job by “Les Justiciers Masqués“, 2 guys from Quebec Canada Radio CKOI.

Sarah Palin Got Pranked.

Marc-Antoine Audette and Sébastien Trudel talk on the Phone to Palin as if it was French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Listen to the joke:

Video: Houdini Dog climbing a tree

This dog is crazy ! He is climbin a tree and goes away.

Houdini dog or is he a monkey ?

Stop Rowing !

Stop Rowing ! Stop Rowing ! OMG ! Dangerous

50 Cent = just 0.33 euro

 50 Cent is not so much in Euro

How to understand customers

Like this.

Business with client is sometimes very hard, sometimes so easy 🙂

Microsoft Parody in a Video on Vista

The following video is a nightmare — in a manner that is fashioned completely outside the Geek Style.

But though bloggers made fun of this clip, this video actually seems to be a parody created by Microsoft itself!

In some sort of self-parody, Vista shows that Microsoft has a sense of humor!

Look at this waste of time provided by Bruce and the ServicePack Vista Street Band:

Obama Wonder Woman

Here is the Obama Wonder Woman or Super Obama girl.

This girl fell in love with Barack Obama.

This video has been seen 1.5 million times since yesterday.

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