FCC Spectrum Auction : Google will bid

FCC Logo

Google just announced today that they will bid in the Wireless FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Spectrum Auction in January.

Winning the wireless spectrum auction in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band would allow Google to provide mobile phone and Internet services. The reserve price for the C Block at the auction is $4.6 billion.

According to Official Google Blog the winner of the Spectrum Auction will be: CONSUMER.

The winner will have to allow their users to download any software app they want on their mobile device and to use any mobile devices they would like on that wireless network.

“We believe it’s important to put our money where our principles are” said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.

What we don’t know is what Google intends to do exactly with this Spectrum..

Om Malik points out a interesting comment : “So Google Will Bid For Spectrum. Will It Play To Win?