Dinner in the Sky: Incredible Restaurant in the air

dinner in the sky

If you are not scared, then you can go and eat in this Restaurant…in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky .com is available in many countries at 150 feet high (or up to 50 metres). This is a belgian company.

You can have a dinner, a meeting, a marriage or Showbizz in the Sky.

Size of the platform built up: 9 meters long and 5 meters in width. Tables weights 5 tonnes (empty) to 7 tonnes (full).

Toilet facilities: You can go like in a restaurant but it’s less discrete because the whole table goes down! (it takes about a minute).

dinner in sky

Amiens, France: 

dinner sky France

Barcelona, Spain:

dinner sky barcelona spain 


dinner sky brussels

Budapest, Hungary:

dinner sky budapest hungary

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

dinner sky dubai

Helsinki, Finland:

dinner sky finland

Las Vegas:

dinner sky las vegas

London Poker with Betfair, UK:

dinner sky london

Sofia, Bulgaria Globul:

dinner sky bulgaria

South Africa:

dinner sky south africa

Toronto, Canada:

dinner sky toronto canada

Video of unusual dinning experience:

Dining at 50 meters high with Bach & Beethoven playing for you in the air:

Website: www. dinnerinthesky .com

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