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31 Twitter Logos Buttons and Icons

I just have 31 logos and buttons for Twitter designed.

These logos don’t come from another website.

I have them made by professional designers. You can see them on my french blog.

I hope you will like.

New Montreal Logo : nice or not ?

(images 24heures et Canoé)

$ 487 000 for the New Montreal logo. It will represent Montreal city around the world.

200 000 dollars will be added to promote it.

For the price I hope it must be nice! Ok not so bad, no ?


The David Seah Compact Calendar to print

David Seah Compact Calendar

This is a useful tool to manage your time (at home) or your projects (at work): the Compact Calendar by David Seah.

David Seah is a specialist of Productivity and methods of empowering ourselves.

The main advantage of the compact calendar is its size : it fits on a single A4 page and you can print it at home… or at work.

Compact calendar has several advantages compared to the famous Gantt Chart :

  • retains the monthly calendar format, with days of the week in columns
  • Saturdays and Sundays are shaded differently, so we are not as tempted to plan our work schedule on them
  • You’re forced to break up project tasks to fit into each 5-day work period. Gantt charts, by comparison, tend to draw long lines through the weekend because that’s what lines want to do.
  • retain the days of the week in the same column, so it’s easy to mark recurring events that are tied to them

I am working with Gantt Chart since beginning of October and I must say I love David Seah’s Calendar, I should try to introduce it tomorrow at my job 🙂

Official page of the David Seah compact calendar

Direct Download the 2008 Compact Calendar

7 Great Sites for WordPress Themes

As I am looking for a custom Worpress Theme for this blog, I found 7 ressources for templates (free, paid and custom).

Here are seven great links for custom wordpress themes:

  1. Templates For Sale at SitePoint Marketplace
  2. WordPress Templates at Digital Point Forums
  3. Free WordPress Templates
  4. Top Free WordPress Themes
  5. WordPress Themes Free
  6. Free WordPress Themes
  7. Unique Blog Designs (NEW)

Unique Blog Designs Team:

I will choose the 7th because of the two cute girls and the nice guy.

Jessical Biel with Photoshop in 2.5 hours

This is Great Art with Photoshop : 2 hours and half to create a very sexy Jessica Biel

Softwares used : Photoshop CS3, Painter X, Wacom Intuos 3.

Below the pic that was the inspiration :

Jessica Biel

And here is the video with Photoshop: