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Christina Milian wearing the shortest dress in the world

Here is a picture of Christina Milian wearing the shortest dress in the world.

This was not in the Guinness World Records but it could easily be in.

Christina Milian is a US actress and singer. She was born in 1981 in Jersey City, USA.

Here is the sexy photo of Milian wearing the shortest dress :

Christina Milian sexy dress

French Queen Valerie Begue keeps title

Valerie Begue was told she can keep her title of French Queen despite publication of indecent pics.

22 years old girl is from French Island of Reunion, in Indian Ocean.

She will be allowed to be Miss France 2008 but she won’t be allowed to compete for Miss Universe 2008 or Miss World 2008.

Divorce for Sean Penn and Robin Wright

Sean Penn Robin Wright

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn (Mystic River, 2003) and his wife Robin Wright Penn are divorcing after 11 years of marriage. He began a relationship with Wright in 1990.
The divorce papers were filed on Dec. 21. Robin Wright cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Sean Penn married RobinWright in 1996. They have two teenagers: Dylan Frances, 16, and Hopper Jack, 14.

Wright Penn is best known for her roles in “The Princess Bride” and “Forrest Gump”.

Sean Penn’s first marriage was with pop star Madonna between 1985 and 1989.

Jessica Simpson Blonde Ambition is a flop


Jessica Simpson’s movie Blonde Ambition was a flop for its release this week end in Theatres.

The movie was released on 8 screens in Jessica’s State of Texas. Numbers are pretty scary: an average of $48 per screen on friday for a big total of $384. At 8$ the ticket that means that 6 people paid to see the movie in each theatre!!

And that’s a total of 48 people who saw Blonde Ambition. It is considered as one of the worse scores ever for the Cinema Industry.

The film should be already in DVD format next month, january 22th!

Ok Jessica, may be the DVD release will be better 🙂

Vidéo Trailer Blonde Ambition:

Manaudou suing Luca Marin

Federica Pellegrini nude

Lucas Marin (Manaudou’s ex boyfriend) is pleading guilty to have given the nude pics of Laure Manaudou to her big rival Federica Pellegrini. (photo above)

He did it on purpose following a dispute he had with Manaudou at the Hungary Swimming Championship.

And finally Federica Pellegrini put Manaudou’s sex pics on the internet.

Laure and her brother Nicolas Manaudou who is also her coach, are now suing Luca Marin.

Good luck to them.

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Speaks Out (Humor)

Britney’s Sister, Jamie Lynn Spears just decided to speak out about her pregnancy.

Warning : this is HUMOR and it’s so cute 🙂

Queen Elizabeth 2 on Youtube Royal Channel


The 81-year-old Queen Elizabeth II just created her own website on Youtube on The Royal Channel :

Buckingham Palace said Queen Elizabeth II keeps up with new ways of communicating with people and was hoping to reach a wider, and younger, audience through the popular video-sharing Web site.

The Christmas Broadcast or ‘Queen’s Speech’ for 2007 will appear on this channel at approximately 3pm GMT on Christmas Day.

On the channel you can watch the first televised Christmas Broadcast or ‘Queen’s Speech’, filmed at Sandringham House in Norfolk in 1957, exactly 50 years ago.


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