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Robbie Maddison: 322 feet jump with motorcycle

In the spirit of Evel Knievel, Australian Robbie Maddison attempts to break the world record.

And he did it twice with a 322 feet jump with his motorcycle (longer than a football field).

This guy is crazy! That was for New Year’s day 2008 from the Rio Suite and Hotel in Las Vegas.

found via John Chow.

French Queen Valerie Begue keeps title

Valerie Begue was told she can keep her title of French Queen despite publication of indecent pics.

22 years old girl is from French Island of Reunion, in Indian Ocean.

She will be allowed to be Miss France 2008 but she won’t be allowed to compete for Miss Universe 2008 or Miss World 2008.

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Speaks Out (Humor)

Britney’s Sister, Jamie Lynn Spears just decided to speak out about her pregnancy.

Warning : this is HUMOR and it’s so cute 🙂

Massive crash at Revolution 2 cycling race

This is one of the most impressive cycling crash I have ever seen.

It happened at Revolution 2 track cycling event in Melbourne (Vodafone Arena) on December 19th.

About 12 racing cyclists were involved and fell down.

Laure Manaudou nude: Biggest French Buzz Ever

Laure Manaudou nude

A new scandal is just spreading on the World Web and with the peak of weblogs, news are coming to everybody at an exponential speed.

And guess what : Google loves these kind of requests about Buzz, especially in a situation like this one. Laure Manaudou, a french top swimmer very famous in France. Laure Manaudou’s stolen nude pics are everywhere on the web. Photos come from a cell phone video. Luca Marin, ex boyfriend of Manaudou says it’s not him who put pictures on the web even if we know that….ok, you see.

Several french weblogs played the game: Chauffeur de Buzz, whose funny video on Youtube is one of the most viewed (congrats Otto, who is a friend of mine)… and now Vincent Abry (hum? what?!).

If we compare the Buzz with Google Trends between Laure Manaudou and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, we can see Manaudou’s nude photos is HUGE.

Google Trends Manaudou Bruni

But Laure Manaudou and her lawyers have already stop the Buzz : they said they are going to take legal actions on all blogs that post the nude pics of Manaudou.

In a couple of hours, most of the pics have disappeared of the french blogosphere!!

So we know that the Sarkozy Bruni Buzz will be the winner with time because a wedding is coming soon.

However Manoudou sexy nude pics are still sent by email and it’s not very hard to still find them on the non-french web.

And Yes I saw the pictures, they are beautiful. I know it is very hard for Laure and it is a very bad timing, but like all the Buzz, Time will erase them from people’s mind.

To conclude, let’s watch a video dedicated to Manaudou, this big french champion:

(Laure Manodou’s Video)

Carla Bruni and French President Sarkozy

Singer and ex-model Carla Bruni is dating French President Nicolas Sarkozy : it looks like it is official. Sarkozy already asked Bruni to marry him! They have been seen on Sunday in Disneyland Parc in Paris, France.

It looks like it is the very BIG Buzz this week in France.

They are making the cover of several people magazines like Paris-Match, Closer Mag, Point de Vue,…

Carla Bruni is 39 years old. She was born in Turin, Italia in 1968. She wrote the album Si j’étais elle for Julien Clerc in 2000 and then she made her first album Quelqu’un m’a dit in 2002.

Here is a video showing the Bruni Sarkozy Couple in Paris’ Disneyland:

Photo of the couple in cover of Point de Vue:

Carla Bruni Point de Vue

Closer Mag Pics of Bruni Sarkozy:

Closer Bruni Sarkozy

Closer Mag Sarkozi Bruni

And you are wondering what Carla Bruni really looks like ? Here are great photos of the Sexy model Bruni below.

French Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni bikini

Carla Bruni Pic

Carla Bruni nude

Carla Bruni swimming suit

Carla Bruni nude

Carla Bruni sexy

Carla Bruni nude

Sexy french bruni

Carla Bruni bella

Sexy Carla Bruni image

Photo Carla Bruni

Kent French : 721 Claps per minute

This guy is crazy. Kent French has the world record of claps per minute : 721.

So Funny.

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