Britney Spears has bipolar disorder

Britney Bipolar Disorder

Everything’s getting wrong for Britney Spears.

Britney suffers from a severe bipolar disorder.

Her family, friends and professionals want her to commit in a therapy very quickly.

If involuntary commitment from Britney, family is thinking about several options.

The most extreme option would be Brit picked up by cops and Britney could be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

Not a very good option for the singer. It’s sad for her. I guess she is having difficulties with Celebrity Status.

2 thoughts on “Britney Spears has bipolar disorder

  1. See heres the thing Bipoalr disorder is genetic which means parents get it from their parents and then it gets passed down to their kids. I believe BPD is prevelant in the spears family the little sister just got pregnent which also has implications of BPD because one of the systempts is risky sexual behavior and hypersexuality. Britney’s grandmother commited suicide which is an great indicator of gentic bipolar disorder. The only way to treat this is to look at the whole family to find that link or the underlying issue and treat it. Therapy is not going to do anything no interevention can cure BPD unless it is accompanied by medicication. The funny thing is out of all the medications the only one that needs to be used is lithium which will stabalize the moods but it is the last medication prescribed. This can easily be stopped it just takes the right person to do something.

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