Boston Dynamics: Big Dog Video is back

Big Dog from Boston Dynamics is back with a new video.

This video shows the high technology of the beast : it can climb a slope in a wood, it can walk in the snow, on ice, is pushed roughly without saying a word, jump over an obstacle without contact, climb a wall of bricks… and all this without never falling down.

What this robotic quadruped is able to achieve is incredible. But the most unsettling is its shape, its body like a beast or a giant spider with a permanent noise of a big bee. We could easily think that there are also two men hidden under the Big Dog.

Big Dog weights 235 lbs (106.7 kg) and can carry more than 340 lbs (154.3 kg). A Monster.

Big Dog

The new Big Dog Video from Boston Dynamics :

The program is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA).