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Tweetoclock: best time to contact a Twitter Member


Tweetoclock is a website that gives you the perfect day and time in a week to contact a Twitter Member.

On Tweetoclock you simply enter the twitter username and the website provides you the perfect time to contact your Twitter God or a chance to being read by him. Tweetoclock is based on historical Twitter time presence.

Hours are in GMT format (Greenwich mean Time), so for Montreal or New Yorkyou do GMT-5, for France GMT +1, for San Francisco GMT -8.

For example, to contact me (see above) best hour is friday at 1AM GMT or Thursday at 9:00 PM Montreal Hour.

John Chow: Big Blogger but simple, cool guy

I like Chow. First because he is canadian ;- 0

But also because even if he earns 30 to 40 000 US dollars monthly with his blog, this guy keeps life simple.

See him with his baby girl outside, walking and playing. Money, Time, Family. Good life!

Here is the Chow Video:

Blogged rates your blogs

Blogged is a new editorial service that review your blogs.

Be rated and rate other bloggers!

This blog has a rating of 7.4/10.

See Widget that you can add: at Blogged

Top Rankings and Blog Rank by Twingly

Twingly Blog Rank

European blog search engine Twingly just released its own Blog Rankings in 12 languages: Top 100 Blogs.

Twingly wants to be the first spam free blog search engine. No Spam blogs they said.

And they invented the Blog Rank, similar to the Google Page Rank but for blogs.

My French blog is ranked 85 in top blogs french rankings with a BR 7.

Ping your blog here:

Dating Blog

Dating Blog 01Date is a review of online dating sites Industry News about singles, personals, relationships and romance.

Dating Blog

Subscribe to RSS Feed:

The sites features online dating, adult dating, gay, religion and ethincity based romance.

See also reviews of major websites like Plentyoffish, or controversed Ashley Madison website.

Zelist : a Directory WordPress Plugin (for WP 2.7 +)

Nice job from french man Malaiac who just launched a nice Directory WordPress plugin for Worpress 2.7 + :codename Zelist.

I was waiting exactly this kind of plugin for a while !!  (directory wp plugins already exist but they are not very cool. I hope Malaiac will give us Zeplugin and will be able to make it happen with time) !

Zelist works only with WordPress 2.7 and higher but Hey nice, WordPress 2.7 beta 1 just released.

I will wait for next versions because I don’t like so much alpha-beta versions…

To see the tool working, go to Zelist demo (french).

Nice add-on : you can also import an existing Freeglobes directory in Zelist.

I would love a Paypal integration and automatic tool to check reciprocal links. Would be nice in the Future.

Naked Vlogs : Video Blog Nude

The genre of Naked Vlogs has just been launched in the United States.

The concept is simple: You vlog, or video blog (podcast) in the nude….

Luckily (or unfortunately, in some cases) we don’t see the entire body… we just see the top half of the person.

It’s an amusing idea. Will this soon be launched in the French blogosphere?

Go have a look; it is for a good cause, and your stats will go through the roof.

The initiator of the Naked Blog Campaign, Chris3ff:

And the best of Naked Vlogs: was sold for $50,000

JohnCow Blog was just sold today for $50,000. (This blog is different from John Chow).

John Cow started on July 1st, 2007. After only 9 months online, this website got exposure in tech, marketing and Make Money Online blogs.

The author does not give really a reason for selling his blog except that he is moving from Europe to Australia and that his personal life will be busy.

John Cow’s Blog was for sale (since Thursday) between $25 000 and $50 000 dollars on Sitepoint.

Revenue: $2500 $ per month. (not bad!)

Feedburner readers: 1631

Monthly Unique Visitors: 40 000.

Other details:

  • PageRank 3
  • Alexa 22,100
  • Compete 41,020
  • Technorati 1696, Autority 1457
  • 382 posts
  • 47,412 Backlinks (Yahoo!)
  • 2,830 indexed pages (Google)

Twitter: A Good Thing or a Waste of Time?

Hugh MacLeod has decided to close his own account of Twitter, and apparently that’s a pretty big deal — because strangely, his move seems to push the debate about Twitter in the U.S. blogosphere.

His decision revived the debate.

Below is a comic’s version of Hugh:

twitter gapingvoid

Twitter: Angel or Devil?

All this is very similar to Facebook: we like it, we don’t like it, we like it again, now we don’t like it -)

Personally, I Twit on occasion. I am sometimes tempted to say it was a waste of time, especially if I begin to really love all of this. At other times, I like it and I send some twitts. These are facts to prove that I exist.

Becoming hooked on Twitter is so easy. You read someone’s post and find that he wants to share his time with his “followers.” Then someone responds, another person responds to that, then another person, and it just continues… a person can quickly be taken at his own game and spend hours at this. At its most insane, Twitter may resemble Casino Blogger. But because there is no money to deal with, the only bargaining chip is to find a scoop or learn something new about a blogger we know well.

But Twitter isn’t a void. It’s a coffee shop. On Friday night, for example.

Or twitter is perfect for news monitoring.


Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I say to myself, “give me back these 20 minutes of my life”. But because I tend to optimize my time behind the computer, it is clear that I will not ever become addicted to Twitter.

It is a real love-hate relationship.

It is best, therefore, to use Twitter with restraint and intelligence.

At least I think Twitter has minimal interest for bloggers, unlike Facebook….

Nicolas Princen Appointed to Monitor Sarkozy Buzz

Nicolas Princen

It is the “Anti-Buzz” that has become the Buzz in France: Nicolas Princen, a 24-year-old graduate of HEC and the Ecole Normale, has been appointed by the Elysée to make sure he gathers everything that is said about French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the Web.

In other words, Princen will do some News Monitoring and will decide whether the Buzz on Nicolas Sarkozy is either good or bad.

Also, it is understood that if a blogger says something against the president, an attack to justice will follow. Wow. It’s another step towards the death of Web 2.0 and blogs on celebrities.

Bloggers, it is time for you to recycle somewhere else: soon you will not be able to say anything without fear of prosecution. Nicolas Princen will sue all blogs and online media that releases false rumors about Nicolas Sarkozy.

By “attacking,” it is not yet clear whether this includes formal notice or a direct summons to court.

Some people took this news with humor by creating a page on Facebook, declaring that Nicolas Princen is “sexy”. The page already has almost 200 members.

Princen, definitely a name to remember. A future Loic Le Meur, perhaps? (The story did not say whether Nicolas Princen planned to hire someone to monitor everything that is said on the Web about himself… ; -)

IZEA Ranks ranking the blogs with its Real Rank


IZEARanks is a new ranking system by the same company that owns PayPerPost.

Izea doesn’t rank the blogs according to Google PR (Page Rank) but according to its own Real Rank.

RealRank isn’t based on PR, Alexa or Comscore but on Unique Visitors and according to influence a blog has among others in the blogosphere.

And as Izea Ranks clearly specifies, Real Rank is ONLY for Blogs. No other type of website is allowed in the ranking.

Contrary to PR where the formula is secretly kept by Google, Real Rank is totally OPEN:

RR = 0.7 * (Nb Uniques Visitors) + 0.2 * (Nb Inbound Links) + 0.1 * (Nb Pages Views)

or: 70% weighted towards visitors per day, 20% weighted towards amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day, 10% weighted towards pageviews per day.

Izea also provides a public API to webmasters and developers who want to pull RealRank, pageviews and visitors for any blog that participates in the site. (5000 websites in the Free edition).

RealRank and IZEA Toolkit (ITK) will play a huge role in the social and advertisers’ platform SocialSpark.

If you want to signup for Izea rank registration page is here.

Izea provides a Blog Top100 according to RR.

And here is the Izea Badge you can add on your blog:

Happy New Year 2008 with Google and TCP/IP !!

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a wonderful year 2008 !!

See the nice Google Logo for 2008. This a TCP/IP cable. TCP/IP was adopted by ARPANET on a January 1 (in 1983). ARPANET gave birth to Internet this same day.

Google Logo 2008

Happy New Year

Advertise on this blog

After 1 month of full blogging for this new Blog, is now receiving about 75,000 page views for one month (and 50,000 unique visitors).

So I am starting now to sell advertising spaces at very small prices. These prices should increase in the next months with the growing audience, so consider to advertise right now at frozen prices for 4 months!

Check this:

  • A big banner 728 x 90 on the top, just above the content (where the current 728 x 90 adsense banner is located) : $60 for 1 month.
  • A 200 x 150 on top right sidebar (between the google search form and “Popular Articles”): $20 per month
  • A 200 x 150 on bottom right sidebar (where the entrecard banner is located): $10 per month

For other type of advertsing, please contact me at vincentabry @

Laure Manaudou nude: Biggest French Buzz Ever

Laure Manaudou nude

A new scandal is just spreading on the World Web and with the peak of weblogs, news are coming to everybody at an exponential speed.

And guess what : Google loves these kind of requests about Buzz, especially in a situation like this one. Laure Manaudou, a french top swimmer very famous in France. Laure Manaudou’s stolen nude pics are everywhere on the web. Photos come from a cell phone video. Luca Marin, ex boyfriend of Manaudou says it’s not him who put pictures on the web even if we know that….ok, you see.

Several french weblogs played the game: Chauffeur de Buzz, whose funny video on Youtube is one of the most viewed (congrats Otto, who is a friend of mine)… and now Vincent Abry (hum? what?!).

If we compare the Buzz with Google Trends between Laure Manaudou and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, we can see Manaudou’s nude photos is HUGE.

Google Trends Manaudou Bruni

But Laure Manaudou and her lawyers have already stop the Buzz : they said they are going to take legal actions on all blogs that post the nude pics of Manaudou.

In a couple of hours, most of the pics have disappeared of the french blogosphere!!

So we know that the Sarkozy Bruni Buzz will be the winner with time because a wedding is coming soon.

However Manoudou sexy nude pics are still sent by email and it’s not very hard to still find them on the non-french web.

And Yes I saw the pictures, they are beautiful. I know it is very hard for Laure and it is a very bad timing, but like all the Buzz, Time will erase them from people’s mind.

To conclude, let’s watch a video dedicated to Manaudou, this big french champion:

(Laure Manodou’s Video)

Boost your Comment Count

Adding to Shoemoney’s post on 6 Easy Ways To Increase Your Comment Count

here is a summary with some additions:

  1. End your post with an open-ended question to start a discussion
  2. Reward your top commentators by linking to them : WordPress Plugin Show Top Commentators. I think to add a rel=”nofollow” for Google.
  3. Write opinionated posts, tell what you think and be who you are
  4. Use WordPress Plugin Subscribe to Comments to let your visitors subscribe to your comments by email (they receive a notification when a new response is posted)
  5. If you have already a lot of comments on your posts, you can install the WordPress Plugin Threaded Comments. It allows threaded comments like in forums or on Digg.
  6. Answer people’s comments. Show you are involved in the discussion and that at least you read their comment!
  7. Use WordPress Plugin Rate your comments that allows to vote for best comments like on Digg
  8. Display comments count on your blog. Comments attract comments.
  9. If you use Trackbacks, put them at the bottom, under your comments (personally I don’t use them, most of the time it’s spam)
  10. And the most important, Apply points 1 to 9 !!

More Ideas ?

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