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Apple II Forever

Google discreetly opens office in Montreal..

According to french Business Newspaper “Les Affaires“, Google just bought an office at 1000 de la gauchetiere street, downtown montreal.

7 engineers are currently working there.

Montreal office is looking for windows developpers and C, C++ programmers. See this job opportunity: Senior Windows Developer – Montreal

And the most interesting part: according to real estate agencies, Google would be looking for commercial offices of 100 000 square feet.. Such an office could have 200-300 people working in..

Please review your resume..

Goodbye Montreal

Montreal Video by Night, with cab driver and blogger Pierre Leon from “Un Taxi la Nuit“.

Back to France for me..

Music by Leonard Cohen.

Internet 1.0 vs Web 2.0

Click to enlarge.

King is USER

Digital Miss Calendar for 2007

Miss Digital World

Out the approximative calendars, here it is the perfect calendar.. just for you gentlemen, a complete digital Miss Calendar. (Ladies, please be patient!)

The 2007 calendar is the Miss Digital World Calendar.

Warning: Do not watch this too often

saw on The Sun

Time gives its top50 coolest websites for 2006

After the most 100 usefuls sites by Guardian (UK), it’s now Time that gives its 50 coolest websites list for 2006

With a big dose once again of Web 2.0 websites.

Wasalive a new search engine

I just discovered a new search engine that nobody tells about, a search engine with no news, a secret search engine: Wasalive

Fluid presentation with ajax, this website search the web, images, audio and video files. For today are indexed: 34 305 news providers, 1 477 552 news, 225 382 multimedia files

When you enter a keyword, the search fields suggest you words while you are typing.

You can also navigate and search by tags that you can find below the search field, another way to search.

5 languages are available: french, english, spanish, german, italian.

With a whois request I can see the domain was created on september 25th 2006 by a young 25 years-old guy from Marseille, France.

Wasalive, un search engine to watch..

Google to acquire CMFU Chinese Literature Website

There are rumors that Google would buy the Chinese Literature website for a total amount about 400-600 millions $.

This is the price recommended by an independant firm. Google didn’t comment about this. is a chinese literature website that contains fantastic fiction, martial arts adventures, urban novels with romance, etc.. is owned by online gaming website services

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all my readers even if you are not a lot 🙂


Wikiasari (Wikia), a serious rival for Google will be live in early 2007

Amazon and Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, are working together on a search engine rival to Google, based on human judgement rather than algorithms. Wikiasari should be online at the first quarter of 2007 according to Times, backed by millions dollars from Amazon and Silicon Valley Investors.
Wikiasari comes from Wiki, “quick” in hawaiian and Asari “rummaging search” in japanese.

The search engine will work with the same user-based technology as Wikipedia that allows to edit the pages.

“Google is very good at many types of search, but in many instances it produces nothing but spam and useless crap. Try searching for the term ‘Tampa hotels’, for example, and you will not get any useful results,” said Wales.

Internet will lead advertising by 2016

According to Financial Times by 2016 the internet could be the single biggest advertising medium, and brands could find it harder to reach audiences using conventional campaigns.

Place au:internet marketing or webmarketing!

Happy Christmas from Adsense Team

Google Adsense Team wish you a Merry Christmas. Click the photo to enlarge.

I you see the big picture, the first thing you see is that my article dated december 16th is confirmed ; we can see only young people around 20 with google toys like the famous balls and other stuff.
Is there anyone older than 30 at Google..?

Yes ok I must admit I would like to be treated like a kid in this way with Google Stock Options, who wouldn’t?

I blog therefore I am

I Blog, Therefore I Am

Wikio 2.0 is Live

I just received an email saying Wikio 2.0 is live

That’s all the email said, no details. Wikio is like Google News but much more powerful agregating thousands of news and blogs. His french creator, Pierre Chappaz is well-known in the internet industry, for having sold Kelkoo to Yahoo a few years ago.

Wikio is a News site like Google News but indexing many more RSS feeds with both news and blogs.
It currently exists in 5 languages: english, french, german, italian, spanish

For now no more explanations on Pierre Chappaz ‘s Blog or Wikio’s Blog but it shouldn’t be long.

Update on Techcrunch-Sam Sethi-Le Meur

Techcrunch UK is still on hold since december 13.

After Loic Le Meur gave his own public explanation on december 16, now it’s turn to Mike Arrington to give his point of view on his personal weblog Crunchnotes

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