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UFC80 Rapid Fire Results

UFC80 Rapid Fire

UFC80 Rapid Fire was today and here are the results:

BJ Penn wins Lightweight title

BJ Penn (154) def. Joe Stevenson (154) via sub (guillotine choke) – R2 (4:02)
Sam Stout (155) def. Per Eklund (155) via unanimous decision
Alessio Sakara (206) def. James Lee (206) via TKO (strikes) – R1 (1:30)
Paul Kelly (170) def. Paul Taylor (170) via unanimous decision
Antoni Hardonk (244) def. Colin Robinson (238) via TKO (strikes) – R1 (0:17)
Jorge Rivera (185) def. Kendall Grove (186) via TKO (strikes) – R1 (1:20)
Wilson Gouveia (205) def. Jason Lambert (204) via TKO (strikes) – R2 (0:37)
Marcus Davis (169) def. Jess Liaudin (170) via KO – R1 (1:04)
Fabricio Werdum (247) def. Gabriel Gonzaga (255) via TKO (strikes) – R2 (4:34)

UFC80 Video:

UFC 80 video: BJ Penn vs Joe Stevenson – Lightweight Title Fight

Mac Book Air Video

Mac Book Air

Apple just unvcovered its Mac Book Air at Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

MacBook Air is a laptop with a 13.3 screen (1280 X 800), it’s between 4 and 19 mm thick and weights only 2.85 lbs.

Features: multi-point pad, classic or optionnal SSD hard drive, Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6 ou 1.8 GHz, 2 Go DDR2-667,
WiFi and 5 hours with battery.

For MacBook Lovers the starting price is $1799.

Mac Book Air Demo Video:Official Mac Book Air Ad:

And the fattest laptop by my friend Chauffeur de Buzz:

IZEA Ranks ranking the blogs with its Real Rank


IZEARanks is a new ranking system by the same company that owns PayPerPost.

Izea doesn’t rank the blogs according to Google PR (Page Rank) but according to its own Real Rank.

RealRank isn’t based on PR, Alexa or Comscore but on Unique Visitors and according to influence a blog has among others in the blogosphere.

And as Izea Ranks clearly specifies, Real Rank is ONLY for Blogs. No other type of website is allowed in the ranking.

Contrary to PR where the formula is secretly kept by Google, Real Rank is totally OPEN:

RR = 0.7 * (Nb Uniques Visitors) + 0.2 * (Nb Inbound Links) + 0.1 * (Nb Pages Views)

or: 70% weighted towards visitors per day, 20% weighted towards amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day, 10% weighted towards pageviews per day.

Izea also provides a public API to webmasters and developers who want to pull RealRank, pageviews and visitors for any blog that participates in the site. (5000 websites in the Free edition).

RealRank and IZEA Toolkit (ITK) will play a huge role in the social and advertisers’ platform SocialSpark.

If you want to signup for Izea rank registration page is here.

Izea provides a Blog Top100 according to RR.

And here is the Izea Badge you can add on your blog:

Fight Science : Mixed Martial Arts on National Geographic

Masters of Mixed Martial Arts are back on National Geographic Channel.

New Episodes on Sunday January 27.

Uncover the science behind Mixed Martial Arts as technology tests the limits of some of the greatest MMA masters.

Fight Science: Mixed Martial Arts :
SUN JANUARY 27 8P et/pt

See the Video Trailer:

Fight Science National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel Fight Science:

Fight Science MMA

Smurfs are 50 years old

Smurfs Village

Smurfs are fifty years old in 2008.

The tiny blue figures were created by Peyo (Pierre Culliford) in 1958.

For their 50 years, organizers are planning a 3-D animation film, new comic book collections and a remastered release of the popular 1980s television animated series.

The European birthday tour will start in Brussels and then in Paris and Berlin.
Originally called “Schtroumpfs” in french they were later called “Smurfs” in english, “Pitufo” in spanish, “Schlumpf” in german, “Nam Ching Ling” in chinese and “Sumafa” in japanese.

Peyo died in 1992 but his smurfs are still alive in our hearts, more than ever.

Tom Cruise Scientology Video

An unauthorized biography about Tom Cruise debuts in bookstores today and a video of Cruise about his belief in scientology just appeared on the Internet.

Even if Scientology Church is trying to get the video removed from all the internet, website Gawker said it is now hosting a copy of the video.

“it’s newsworthy; and we will not be removing it” they said.

Tom Cruise Scientology Video

Romoeren loosing his ski at World Ski Jumping

Norwegian skier Bjoern Einar Romoeren lost his right ski at World Cup Ski Jumping event at Val Di Femme in Italy.

Finally Romoeren was not injured in his fall but the Officials canceled the competition.

Carla Bruni is not pregnant

Carla Bruni Pregnant

A new rumor is striking the blogosphere and American Blogger Perez Hilton, British DailyMail and French/US Celebrities Weblogs are already on the case.

But NO Carla Bruni is not pregnant with Nicolas Sarkozy.

It’s just a french blogger that has put a rumor on a weblog hosted by a online newspaper ( and this appeared in Google News France.

All the rumor says is that Carla Bruni would have been seen in US Neuilly Hospital.

I rather think that Carla has gone in this hospital to have a intrauterine device 🙂

So After the rumor Bruni and Sarkozy get married secretly on this last thursday, the most famous french president is in the Top News Again!!!

Smoking can seriously damage your health

One last cigarette ?

A much-neglected health risk for smokers…

ZR1 Corvette 2009 : exclusive video on track + photos

ZR1 Corvette 2009 is the most powerful Corvette from General Motors: a V8 620 HP.

Here is a video racing on track and beautiful pictures:

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

ZR1 Corvette 2009 photo

Cristiano Ronaldo Video racing a bugatti

Portuguese Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo racing a Bugatti !

Of course this seems fake.

Viral Advertising for Nike.

Edison Miranda KO ‘s David Banks

Edison Miranda KO’s David Banks very quickly yesterday evening in Florida…

Edison was not very active since the begining of the fight but only one shot did the job, and what a shot !!

Edison Miranda will fight against Jean Pascal from Quebec in May. It should be very tough for Pascal except if he improves his boxing.

See Video Edison Miranda vs David Banks and Miranda/Pascal intimidation at the end of the fight:

Edison Miranda vs David Banks (Full Fight):

The “2 Girls 1 Cup” Song

“2 Girls 1 Cup” Song Lyrics: (if you don’t know what “2 Girls 1 Cup” is then do a search on google..)

I thought i was the only one
who knew just how to have fun
now my greatest fantasy
is right in front of me

lets throw out the toilet
what a waste of space
poop on my face
holy shit! literally 100% free

just kidding thats gross
why eat poop when you’ve got toast?!

i couldn’t believe my eyes
the first few seconds were pretty nice
the thought of me throwing up? impossible!
they ate that shit like A POPSICLE

what the hell was that
someone give these women their dignity back
has poop become the latest snack?
SHITS WACK! haha get it?!

forget bulimia! watch 2 girls 1 cup!
i guarantee you will throw up!
holy shit literally! what the FFF….

You think these bitches might be hard on a dick
but instead they poopin in cups and garglin shit
half a billion views, this is horribly wrong
somebody tell these women that they morals is gone
i got sent a link, but its the fact that i followed it
instead of flushin it, the broad actually swallowed it
man watch the video its evil what she do
MAN I don’t eat SHIT people I eat food!!

poop! if you eat it does it come out food?
im never gonna take another poo

Video Trailer The Eye with Jessica Alba

Movie The Eye (2008)

How can you believe your eyes when they’re not yours? The remake of the Hong Kong film “Jian Gui”, a woman who receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world.

Release date USA/Canada: 1 February 2008

Trailer The Eye with Jessica Alba:

The World ‘s Best Basketball Shot

This is serious Basketball here.

Better than Tony Parker

This young guy should play in NBA


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